Be a Fashion Designer With Bratz Games

Fashion is the number one and the most important word for four cute-looking girls named Sasha, Cloe, Yasmin and Jade. Where fashion resides, that’s the place where we could almost see often these fabulous girls. Aside from their love of shopping and mall hopping, the Bratz loves to design their very own clothes! If you want to be an instant fashion designer like these fabulous girls, join their adventures at Bratz games and you will surely be a prestigious fashion designer of the House!

Help our sophisticated celebrities to search the gown that they need to wear for the Prom Night. Everybody wants to be at their best during this very important event. Of course, choosing the gown can never be that simple. They want the Prom dress to be unique and ultimately fascinating to be pretty for the event. Bratz games will give you a hand how to design the dress that will surely fit the taste of these girls!

Design a splendid strapless Prom gown. One of the most innovative and creative dresses that you can style is a gown with ruched effect on the bodice. This great trendsetter is an elegant and refreshing dress for the Prom Night. Add embellishments to the bodice like sequins and sparkling beads. Chiffon and satin can be the best choices for its texture! Also decide on the color of the gown if you want the elegant black, the passionate purple, sweet choco brown, or the hot claret red!

Simple and chic Prom dress. The most simple is said to be the most elegant. Make sure that when you design the dress for the Prom Night, you don’t overdo the design. Make a strapless style and have it designed with embroidered band on the neckline and the empire waist. Simplicity is the fashion hit for sophisticated and chic style.

Sexy and fabulous Prom dress. The Bratz girls are glamorous and sensational. For this reason, it will be best to design the dress that is as sensational and glamorous as they are. Design a dress that is a mixture of voguish and glamour like a deep halter with plunging neckline. A slide slit and beaded waist will give an effect of femininity and admiration.

The classic ball gown. Who would deny the eternal and immortality of the ball gown at any occasion? Make a sweetheart among the Bratz with a heavily beaded bodice with thin spaghetti straps. A colored skirt that is further detailed with scattered beading in multi colored layers will be a sure hit for fashion!

There are a lot of creative ideas that you can make with Bratz games to design gowns not only for the Prom but to different occasions. Explore the fun and bring out your artistry with the Bratz and you will find out that you can be an instant fashion designer afterall!

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