Al Kaline Detroit Tigers MLB Baseball Biography

Al Kaline Biography

When fans talk about the greatest players of all time in baseball, why don't they mention Al Kaline? Why isn't he mentioned with the likes of Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth?

In 1955 Kaline became the youngest baseball player ever to win a batting title. In fact he was just one day younger than the prior record holder (Ty Cobb) when he broke the record.

Few players could do what Kaline could on the field. He could hit for power, always had a high batting average, and was a perennial gold glover in right field. He simply had no weaknesses. He won a batting title at the young age of 20! He was the youngest player in history to accomplish that feat.

Kaline retired with 3007 hits and he once went an entire baseball season without purchasing a single error. Over his 22 year career in baseball, Kaline represented consistency and durability to MLB fans everywhere and lit up the night sky in Detroit was the Detroit Tigers most enduring star since the legendary Ty Cobb.

Kaline was one of the greatest outfielders in MLB history. He not only won 10 gold glove awards, he was the first baseball player to win the coveted award at two different positions. (right and center field). In fact, he went 242 consecutive games without purchasing a single error in the outfield.

Some of Al his career career highlights include:

  • American League Batting Champion in 1955
  • American League hits leader in 1955
  • America League Baseball doubles leader in 1961
  • 16 Time All Star Selections
  • 10 Time Gold Glove Award Winner
  • 1968 World Series Champion
  • Inducted to the Hall of Fame in 1980

Possibly the best quote that you could ever receive from a ball player came from arguable the best hitter ever to play the game of baseball. The Splendid Splinter once said about Kaline, "There's a hitter. In my book he's the greatest right-handed hitter in the league." spoken by Ted Williams in 1955.

Because of Al Kaline's will to win he refused to ever attend a World Series baseball game until he played in one. Fortunately in his 16th season in the Major Leagues, he finally got his chance to play in the Series in 1968.

It's easy to see why Al Kaline should be mentioned when you talk about the greatest all around players in the history of the Major Leagues.

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