Must Have Fashion Items This Winter

Designer trench coats are one of the classic ensembles in women’s wear. It’s one kind of apparel that will never lose its appeal for women who have a good sense of fashion in themselves. This year there is a notable renewed interest in the use of this kind of coat and it is very visible in fashion runways. As a matter of fact, even the next Queen of England, Kate Middleton is one of the high profile personalities who are often seen wearing a designer trench coat. The last time she was spotted wearing a trench coat was when she was on an official trip to the Northern part of Ireland.

How Designer Trench Coats Came About

For such a long time that designer trench coats have been a favorite fashion item among women, but only too few people actually know its origins. The cut, style and length of these coats may vary depending on the season; however a few basic features will always remain. These features are the signature mark for this kind of coat.

Did you know that trench coats are originally designed as a military raincoat uniform and conceptualized by Thomas Burberry? In 1901, he submitted it as a design for raincoats of army men in the UK War office.

Changes Were Made Over Time on Designer Trench Coats

As the use of trench coats became a ubiquitous item in women’s apparel, it underwent changes to make it look more effeminate. This gained wider acceptance one women as the renovated design now makes it an appropriate item in women’s fashion. Have you seen the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or Casablanca”? Audrey Hepburn and Ingrid Bergman were wearing designer trench coats on those films.

Changes made in design, silhouette or even length did not change the appeal it has when worn by women. Ultimately this became a favorite item wear, regardless of the weather season.

The latest innovation so far on ladies trench intended to give it a modern look; it was made shorter and casual. The end result was a foxier design, wherein the cut is made just above the knee giving the wearer more freedom on movement. Additionally, the fabric used on this recently launched design was lighter as opposed to its predecessor designs.

Now more than ever, women can make a statement all their own. If the previous trench coats before would only come in limited dull colors of beige, navy, grey or black, today trench coats for women became even funkier by the addition of sprightly colors such as yellow, coral or red among many others. Today women have a better selection if they wanted to be stylish in the coats they would want to wear for whether work or special events they need to attend.

When it comes to the sleeves, this can either be rolled up or ruche. There are some designs too that you don’t to roll up the sleeves as it is already cropped.

Designer Trench Coats for Comfort Wear

Coats are designed to keep you warm in the cold winter months. But wearing them need not be a bit of a bore, you can still be fashionable provided that you know what fits your body type the best. Additionally, this add on apparel became a favorite ensemble both in men and women because they still wear this on top of their jeans, dresses, slacks and many others. Whatever your personal preferences are, there is one trench coat that will surely fit your discriminating taste. After all it is just a matter of choosing what really look best on you. With the advice of a reliable and trusted friend, you’ll never go wrong finding yourself the perfect coat to wear.

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