Best Home Gym For Easy Senior Fitness

What Is The Best Home Gym For Seniors?

You want to stay healthy, and fit, but most of us as we age have downsized, scaled back, and don't have the room to accommodate a room full of home gym equipment. It really is crazy how much room a single piece of exercise equipment can take up in your house, and the apparatuses are really not that attractive. Who wants to walk into their living room and be greeted by a big ugly treadmill, or body building machine? Not too many people. Most people want to hide their gym stuff out of public eye dragging it out only when it's necessary.

Senior Fitness

Senior fitness is a very important part of staying healthy and vital in today's youth based society. Aging may not be optional, but there are some ways that you can slow down how fast your muscles are shrinking, and losing their strength. Many new studies have discovered that our physical decline associated with aging could have more to do with our inactivity as we age than the actual aging process itself. In addition, maintaining a regular exercise program can actually setback and reduce the effects of aging.

There are many forms of exercise that should be performed by both the young and the old and the main 3 are Cardio, Stretching, Flexibility & Balance, and Strength Training. You should pick at least one activity from each category and perform it 3-5 times a week for 20-40 minutes.

Exercises For Seniors

o Cardio exercise can include: Cycling, Walking, Swimming, Water Aerobics, Jogging

o Strength Training can include the use of: resistance bands (Flex Bands, Resistance Tube Bands); Dumbbells, Weights, Nautilus Machines And Or Using Your Own Body Weight for Resistance Training (Push-Ups- Pull-Ups).

o Stretching, Flexibility & Balance: Resistance bands (flex bands, resistance tube bands), Yoga, Pilates, basic stretching exercises, Tai Chi, Tai Chi Ball & Balance: Resistance bands (flex bands, resistance tube bands), Yoga, Pilates, basic stretching exercises, Tai Chi, Tai Chi Ball

Home Gym Exercise Equipment

The best home gym equipment for senior fitness is hands down resistance bands. Resistance bands can be used by any fitness level, and take up a small drawer or basket in any room of your house, or apartment. They are small enough to fit in a suitcase when traveling, so there is never an excuse to not take your home gym on the road with you when you visit the kids. There a multitude of Resistance Band DVD's For Seniors , and Resistance Band Exercise Guide Books for sale that can guide you through simple, but effective exercises to keep you toned, fit, flexible, and your balance strong. Aging may not be completely optional, but with resistance bands the simple and effective home gym equipment you can remain active and young, and watch your friends get "old" as their enormous and unused personal home gym equipment gathers dust, and discarded clothing.

Give these small but mighty pieces of flexible rubber a try, and you'll be wondering why anyone needs all the bulky stuff taking up room in their home in the first place.

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