Basketball Fundamental Play – Cut Through

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Fundamental plays are the most basic moves that coaches use to build up their play book. A coach will take a fundamental play and add his or her own twist, or slightly change the play, to make it his own. In some cases, the play works out in the traditional sense so well that no change is needed.

One of the top fundamental plays in basketball is the cut through. This play is very popular and something you have probably done or seen on the court before. It is an important play for moving the players and the ball across the court to get into the ideal position by the basket.

The Basics of the Play

The cut through involves cutting a player across to the other side of the court. Cutting means basically going through the opposing team to the other side in a quick, sharp movement.

This play is used to attack the defense zone. It can really help to break up defense that is heavy or otherwise blocking the play.

Cutting helps to create a screen or open area where the defense is held off and the player can pass or shoot the ball. The cut through play opens up a wide screen that allows for good play.

Tips for the Cut Through Play

When performing the cut through play it is important that players remember the two step rule still applies. It can be easy for the player with the ball to forget this.

When cutting, the cutter and the screener should pass shoulder to shoulder with the screener opening up toward the ball. This play is best used when passing is blocked or the defensive blocking is really strong.

There are some different options coaches often use during this play. They involve different players depending on the action on the court. It is a play where the result is really dictated by what is happening now, and not a play that is planned out in advance.

The cut through play is a fundamental play because each team will encounter a time in the game when the defense is really on their game, making passing and even moving the ball difficult. This play allows for the court to be opened up and gives the player with the ball more options as to what to do.

It is a great saving grace type play that a coach can call in a last minute effort to beat the clock and get the ball to the basket. The cut through play is most likely to be found in every coach's play book and something that every coach will use at one point or another.

This is why it is a fundamental play, because it is a reliable play that works. The cut through play is something that players are often taught when taught the fundamentals of basketball. Most coaches will run this play with their team on a regular basis just to ensure it is something they know well and will be able to pull off when needed on the court.

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