Know The Right Salsa Beat


The best dances do not necessarily mean you should know the most difficult moves. Simple steps when done on the beat are just terrific and enjoyable. Salsa beat is special and it gets some listening and practicing to get it right. Santa Monica salsa lessons teach how beginners should identify the music and pick out the right salsa beat.

To begin with, there are a few things you should be able to classify when you listen to salsa music. First is the BEAT. The salsa beat is like a pulse in a heartbeat. It is repetitive in its sound and follow a predictable manner. Next is the melody. The melody has different tones. It is the actual theme in the song. Then comes the rhythm. This is a pattern that changes according to genres of music. Salsa has a 123 step step step pause rhythm pattern.

When you join Santa Monica salsa lessons, you will find that the salsa beat has 8 beats. If you closely listen to salsa music, you will find that the musicians accent the notes on the 1st and 5th beats. When you find the 1st beat, and count till 8, you will know that you have found the beat. You need to then start counting from 1 and reach 8. On 8, the same pattern is repeated. You must only step on 6 of the beats, that is, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7. 4 and 8 are skipped so you can count them silently in your head. Santa Monica salsa lessons stress on spotting of the beat so it is great for beginners to learn.


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