Mini Notebook Computers

The mini notebook, also called the netbook, worked up a storm in the technology industry when it first came out. Touted as cheap alternatives to bulky laptops, it was designed for simple usability. Most of them were not designed to be the fastest computer of the month, but they are helpful, especially if you travel a lot or often use your computer for spreadsheets and word processing.

These little babies have actually gone a long way. When the Asus EEE PC first came out, it was immediately bought by many people who love the idea of an easy-to-use and cheap mini notebook that performs better than expected. True, its OS was Linux, but it was convenient and easy to use; most people preferred to use it for their presentations and also to keep some of their files for storage.

Over the years, other big named computer brands have gotten into the miniature bandwagon. Names like Lenovo and HP are fast presenting their own handy mini notebook computers, while other brands such as MSI and Acer have also provided their own diminutive-styled notebooks. Most, if not all, rely on external hardware such as external optical drives like CD or DVD, but the newer models include Bluetooth option to make file-sharing more convenient. Other file-sharing methods have also been used; for example, MSI Wind has a nifty built-in card reader while HP concentrated on providing more USB ports.

Keep in mind, however, that mini notebooks aren’t designed to replace the PC. While they’re getting better of the years, most brands are still struggling with the combination of speed of the processor and the memory available for such small pieces. Yes, the technology has been available for years, but everyone’s still struggling to get the combinations right. It’s not as fast as a laptop, and you certainly won’t be able to edit videos or pictures using the mini notebooks. Most of all, because of their small size, there have been a lot of complaints about reliability of the keyboards. The touchpad is also one of the things that constantly get compromised, and other netbook notebooks are still trying to get the formula right.

Most of these notebooks have the ability to get wi-fi connection, and almost always come with a jack to the common LAN connection. It makes surfing and checking your email easier, especially when you’re constantly on the move.

You can be certain that the mini notebooks are here to stay. It might take some time to get used to using them, and you’ll probably have to squint or adjust the resolution of your desktop more often than not, but you can be sure that you’ll be able to get your work done, wherever you are. And, best of all, you still have enough room for your souvenirs the next time you travel!

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