Tips on How to Buy Your Next Watch

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So, the time has come when you want another watch. Maybe your existing one has died or maybe you want a better one. Either way, there are some things to consider.

Firstly what is the main use for your watch? A fashion accessory or something to tell the time underwater? If its the former then your first priority is something to match your outfit. Gold, silver, red, black or another color. There are fashion watches designed to match your clothing and tell the time too.

Are you looking for a daily timer or a watch you can pass on to the kids?

Simple as it may sound the "pass it on" idea is not silly. I have my grandfathers pocket watch, my Mothers "Roamer" watch and my fathers "Seiko". They have all passed now, but I can think of a few things more personal than a watch. It was something very close to them for many years. And now I can hold these things and think of them. Their value to me is priceless. So think about what you could do for those close to you. Buy a watch to pass on one day.

Then, there is the idea of ​​buying something that will be a store of value. Now lets face it, we all go through some storms in our lives. Consider the world wars. Consider cyclones, earthquakes, tsunami's, volcanic eruptions. Consider economic recessions. Depending on where in the world you are, you may or may not be, affected by the global recession. What could you have that has instant value, that you can pick up in a second, that you may be wearing, that has instant demonstrable value? Bizarre as it may sound, a good quality watch has a value beyond telling the time. Its something you can have and use if you need to.

Buts lets look at the bright side. Many collectors like me, have lots of watches. We think about where we are going, what we are doing and what is appropriate. Then we pick and wear a watch for the occasion. Different watches on the building site, in the office, on a fishing trip, going to a wedding etc. So, consider owning more than one. Consider its store of value and consider how specific it will be for different situations.

A watch can be a fashion item, designed to impress.

When you look at most watches there does not seem to be a lot of difference in their function or construction. They all have a face, hands, case, strap etc.

But what does the brand tell you? Are you a person of hidden talents? A casanova? A rock and roller? A good ol 'boy? An artist? An animal lover?

When you sit down with someone, your watch tells them something about you. Does your personal identity show in your watch?

When you buy your next watch take into account these factors.

The practical purpose, the pass on value, the identity, the suitability, the appropriateness and the usability.

If you think about your next purchase holistically, you will end up with something of significance to you. Something to give you confidence and make you proud that you, are you.

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