Earning a Baseball Scholarship – Developing a Plan of Action

It is important for high school players to formulate a systematic plan of action when targeting schools for baseball scholarships. It is important to be organized, and keep notes on the contact they are making.

As with anything in life, you must have a plan.

I. Type out a List

It is important to make a "workbook" for your college baseball recruiting pursuits. Once you have established the top schools you're interested in (I recommend not exceeding 40 colleges) categorize them by levels and ascertain the following information:

* Head Coach and Email Address
* Assistant Coach (Recruiting Coordinator) and Email Address
* Physical Mailing Address

There are numerous websites that list college baseball coaches and their email and physical mailing address. It is important to actually visit the athletic school website to get the most current information. Baseball coaches and email addresses change very frequently and you do not want to address your correspondence to a coach that has been fired recently or moved on to another school!

An excellent "worksheet" page is to use the EXCEL program and make and make cells (boxes) for:

University / School
Head Coach
Assistant Coach
Mailing Address
Contact Dates for when you have emailed the coaches or sent

This makes it easy to look back through your list on a regular basis and keep consistent contact with the schools. If you have a systematic approach is will lead to a much more effective and efficient results. This will also keep you more focused on the process as you will have a visual of what steps you are taking, and what steps need to be taken.

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