Collecting For Charity – In A Shopping Center Or Mall, Outside A Supermarket Or In The Street

If you have already read our article "Collecting for Charity – Door to Door", I hope that the advice there was of use to you. However if your planned collection is to be a "Standing day", where you are literally standing in a shopping center or mall, outside a supermarket or just in the street, then this article is for you.

Apart from the fact that when collecting door to door you are always on the move, there are some things that you need to take notice of, so please read the earlier article. But there are also different tactics to use when you are staying in one place. So let's get to those important hints and tips.


* Apply to the center, supermarket and Local Authority for the necessary permit and permission, up to 12 months in advance for popular periods like Christmas

* Have an attractive stand so people can see what their money will do

* Include case studies, human interest stories and plenty of photographs

* Get the staff of the shopping center or supermarket on your side on the day and co-operate with them, particularly if you want to return another year

* Recruit as many friends, colleagues and members of the organization to take their turn collecting. Organize a rota, but don't wait for folks to volunteer. Ask them when they can collect!

* Smile and be enthusiastic, even if your feet and legs are aching or the weather is cold

* Organize breaks for those who will be collecting from more than an hour and if at all possible provide some refreshments

* Leave your pitch as you found it; leave no litter

* Keep records so you know which days or centers are most generous, to plan your collecting next year


* Look fed up or bored, as this will put people off from giving

* Shake your collecting box

* Obstruct shop doors

* Stand talking to friends or other collectors and so discourage givers from "disturbing" you

* Have too many collectors in one place at any one time, as people will feel trapped

One of the benefits of this type of collecting is that people come to you. If they like what your charity is doing, they will approach you. And if they don't, well not too worry as there will be those who do and you will be amazed at the generosity of some. But this is why it is important that your uniform or stand is easily recognisable; when people spot you they will decide quickly whether your charity is worth supporting or not, so give them as much help as possible to say Yes.

If you are collecting door to door, see our article about the special techniques for that. And don't forget to read our article about the legal stuff required by many Local Authorities.

Happy collecting.

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