Arts and Crafts For Kids – Making Hand Turkeys

Fall brings to mind falling leaves, pumpkins and Thanksgiving which means turkeys! No turkey craft is as fun to make as these hand turkeys. Here are three of the many ways to make this awesome Tom so pick one or all to make for your fall and Thanksgiving decorations. To see a picture of this craft, click on the link at the end of the article.

Ages– 3 years old and up

Difficulty – Easy

Time – Less than 20 minutes

Hand Turkey #1


Construction paper

Acrylic paints – brown and other assorted colors

One large paint brush and several small ones

Googly eye

White glue


Using the large paint brush, paint a thick layer of brown paint on underside of the thumb, fingers and palm. A thin layer will not make a solid hand print. Spread apart the fingers then lay the painted hand onto the center of the paper plate. Push the hand and finger against the plate to ensure a full hand print.

Using the assorted paint colors, paint the fingers which are the turkey’s feathers and then and add feet to the bottom of the hand print. Add a beak to the head (thumb print) and a red wattle (the red beard that hangs under the turkey’s chin). Place a dab of glue and add the googly eye. Let dry.

Hand Turkey #2


Brown and white construction paper


White glue or glue stick (easier for small children to use)


Acrylic paint

Googly eye


Trace a hand print with the pencil onto the brown construction paper. Make sure to fan out the thumb and fingers. Draw a line to close the palm. Cut the hand print out and glue it to the white paper.

Paint the legs, feet and beak of the turkey on the white paper. Glue on the googly eye. Using one of the paint colors, paint “feathers” that stick up on the ends of one of the fingers. Alternate colors and continue adding feathers to the end of each of the fingers. Let dry.

Hand Turkey #3


White construction paper

Brown, black, orange, red and yellow crayons


Using the brown crayon, trace a hand print onto the white construction paper. Make sure to fan out the thumb and fingers. With the crayon, draw a line to close the bottom of the palm.

Color the thumb (the head and neck) and palm (the body) only of the hand print with the brown crayon. With the yellow crayon draw the legs, feet, and beak. With the black crayon, add an eye. Alternate the yellow, orange and red crayons and color on each finger for the feathers.

After making these hand turkeys, challenge children to come up with their own way to make a turkey. You will be amazed by the imaginative ways they create their own Tom.

Note: With the assistance of an adult, a child can participate in almost any craft project. Age suggestions are general guidelines for adults when choosing a craft for a child. It is assumed an adult will be assisting the child with the craft activity and deciding what is appropriate and safe. The amount of assistance the child needs will depend on their skill level.

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