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Whenever the months ending on -ber starts, it triggers the upcoming holiday season. People then starts on thinking some ways on how to decorate their homes, the streets or even on their offices.

Since Christmas is a yearly occasion, it is not practical to buy Christmas decorations every year. So what can you do to complete the aura of this festivity without spending too much? All you need is to have bright holiday decorating ideas and recycle those old decorating stuffs you had last year.

Easy and Affordable Holiday Decorating Ideas

1. Do you have old teddy bears hidden on your cabinets? Take them out because this is their time to shine. If you have three or more teddy bears, arrange them on a table, top of the chimney wall or under your Christmas tree. Dress these teddies with green scarves and red mittens. You can wrap empty boxes with Christmas wrappers and place them on the lap of these teddies or you could just place Christmas candies on these teddies’ hands.

2. Regarding your Christmas tree, you could decorate it the old-fashioned way. Nuts that are wrapped with aluminum foil along with pine cones sprayed with gold paint will give a vintage look. You could accessorize it with red and green ribbons plus white paper strips as snowflakes to give a more Christmas aura.

3. Get an empty glass clear jar. Place an old angel figurine on the cap of the jar using a glue stick or mighty bond. Cut small star shaped and pine tree shaped pieces on a green, red, yellow aluminum foils. Fill the jar with clear water and pour in the cut aluminum foils in the jar. Now close the jar with the cap and place it upside down making the cap of the jar as the base.

4. Decorate your doors with flowers and ribbons. You could do your own poinsettia flowers with colored papers and put some glitters on it to add Christmas effect and place it on the top center of your door. For the doorknobs, you could tie some ribbons on it.

5. Create Christmas photo frames. With the use of illustration boards, you could create your own photo frames. Use the black portion of the illustration board and spray it with silver or gold paint. Put your last year’s Christmas pictures on it.

6. Design your streets with a family of snowman, each representing a member of your family. Dress them up with scarves and different characteristics that describe each member.

7. How about your office table? Why not pick up the mugs on your table and accessorize it with ribbons and Christmas decorations. You could paint it as well like painting a snowman with candy bar on the surface of the mug and tie a ribbon on the handle of the mug.

8. You could as well cover your office table with Christmas wrappers and place underneath its glass cutouts of your pictures. Cut these pictures on varying sizes such as star-shaped, pine-tree shaped, or snowman shaped.

These are just a few of the many decorating ideas you could come up to in accessorizing your place with Christmas ornaments.

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