Abeka For Sale – How to Find it and How to Sell It


Finding used Abeka for sale can be pretty easy, but finding it for the right price is a little more tricky. There are plenty of places that list used Abeka. Some sites are easier to navigate than others.

Abeka is always for sale on homeschoolclassifieds and eBay any day of the week. There are used message boards that sell it too, but you spend so much time sifting through posts and end up paying the same prices as the 2 sites mentioned above.

From February to August used home school books tend to be more expensive because that is the time that most homeschoolers purchase their books. The early birds start in February and the people that procrastinate end up paying a higher price in August. Buying from September to January will probably net you lower prices. eBay tends to be higher than any other source, but you can usually find exactly what you need in the edition that you need.

If you are going to sell Abeka, I suggest you sell it in the higher demand months so you can get the highest price. If you are going to buy Abeka, I suggest you buy in the lower demand months if you can to save even more money off the retail price.

Since Abeka is such a popular curriculum, it is fairly easy to find for sale because many people use it and then want to get their money back when they are done with the books. Many people who have Abeka for sale charge almost as much as the books cost at retail and some people are just happy to pass the books on for a low price. It just depends on the seller.

If you want to use Abeka for multiple children, you might have to mix editions a little because they change their curriculum editions quite often. Some people buy all the workbooks for subsequent children when they order for the first child, so they will have a matching edition.

I have found Abeka for sale at garage sales and thrift stores. Some people just don’t want to bother with the selling process and just donate the books to charity for someone else to use. When I find a good deal on Abeka I always buy it and resell it on eBay.


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