Kleer Wireless Technology

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Many people are familiar with and use Bluetooth wireless technology. This technology comes installed in many phones, mp3 players and other electronic devices. For people that want to get rid of the wires on their mp3 though there is a much better alternative. Kleer wireless technology has many advantages over Bluetooth for listening to music. So let us explore what these might be.

Kleer technology was developed specifically to come up with a better way of transmitting music wirelessly. The biggest issue with Bluetooth is its lack of fidelity. Kleer has succeeded quite well in this regard. The transmission and reception is CD quality digital sound. This is light years ahead of Bluetooth, which can only do as well as 320kbps/s. Most of the time, with most Bluetooth devices, this optimal is rarely even approached. Kleer does not suffer any loss of quality for most audio recordings.

There were other issues that were also nicely resolved by this new wireless protocol. The channel that Kleer uses (RF-based) is not subject to interference or drops that can happen with other wireless devices. Transmissions are clear and they stay that way.

One cool feature is that up to four users can listen to the same wireless transmission. This is not likely to matter much to most people but it does open us some interesting possibilities for using the technology.

A really big bonus that goes along with the clear channel reception is the systems power use. Kleer uses fewer channels than Bluetooth to transmit its signal. This saves power which means you can go longer between charges. Kleer can also pack in more in a smaller space since it can reduce the size of the batteries needed to power earbuds or the transmitter. The technology also adjusts power use according to its detection of how far the sound needs to be sent to the receiver.

The final kicker is the distance and robustness of the signal being sent. The technology has the capability of being sent over much greater distances than Bluetooth, which breaks up over extremely short ranges. With Kleer you can easily walk around a large room with a stationary device in one central location having no trouble delivering quality sound to your wireless device.

So why isn’t Kleer everywhere yet? One problem is that the technology is relatively new. The manufacturer (Kleer) guards its protocol tightly and with its tight control over a great new sound delivery system, they are able to charge a lot for its use. So the price point for its use is currently over 100 dollars. As time goes on and more devices offer Kleer it is possible the price will come down.

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