Top 5 "Almost-Instant" Joint & Muscle Pain Relievers

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1. Penetrex Pain Relief Medication [2 Oz]

Penetrex is one of the most effective topical creams available out there. If you are someone who is suffering from arthritis, back pain, tennis elbow, sore muscles, joints or any other form of chronic aches, you should try Penetrex. It’s definitely worth a try. However, it should be noted that in some cases the pain doesn’t totally disappear, but becomes much more manageable. The ingredients used in the preparation of Penetrex do not affect your health adversely. Penetrex not only publishes the detailed info about the ingredients but also stands behind it. It’s not cheap but it costs less than most compounding pharmacy creams. Most importantly, it really works well when it comes to chronic joint and muscle pain.

2. Advil Pain Reliever/Fever Reducer

Advil Pain Reliever is a great pain reliever in tablet form. Each bottle (priced on Amazon at $12.91) contains 300 pills. So they should last you pretty long time. The size of the pills is fairly small and the coating tastes sweet. You can swallow them easily even without water. Whenever you have some pain, take one and it helps instantly.

3. Bayer Aspirin Regimen

These low dose aspirin tablets works great for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains. Each tablet comes with enteric coating to lessen the possible irritation to the stomach. They are fairly priced as the 300 tablet pack will cost you $26.76 on Amazon. However, do not forget to talk to your doctor before you start taking aspirins.

4. Outback Pain Relief – Natural Topical Oil

Most probably you are already acquanted with different types of over-the-counter pain relievers such as pain relief gels, sprays, rubs, tablets etc. But did you know there’s some natural topical oil available on Amazon that works as a pain reliever? Outback Pain Relief (available on Amazon at $79.95) relieves pain by penetrating deep into your joints and muscles. It works particularly well on inflammation. The smell of the oil is also very pleasant. It is a bit expensive but it is known for its natuaral healing process.

5. Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel

Biofreeze is a good pain reliever gel that alleviates joint and muscle soreness almost instantly. It works on nerve pain associated with shingles and relieves itching and scratching as well. The gel gives you cooling sensation upon applying and makes you feel very comfortable. The $10 tube available on Amazon lasts longer than most other similar products.

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