Health – The Best Kept Secret Around

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If you want to keep a secret – chop it into pieces and give each person a piece.

O No one person knows the whole story.

The practice of modern medicine is similar in structure to the above analogy.

O Health is divided up into small bits and pieces (read as: Symptoms)

O Specialists vie for the honor of treating each little bit

O And the pharmaceutical companies reap the monetary rewards of taking a little bit from each part.

To-days practitioners rarely stray from the cook-book formula of prescribing for symptoms – although I often hear words like; 'My practiceer is holistic.'

The truth of the matter is this.

O I do not know of a practitioner that is truly 100% holistic. The first question practitioners ask is, 'what's wrong with … and then they proceed to treat the part / symptom.

O All parts of the body are connected and inter-connected – no one part exists on its own.

O All parts of the body, from the smallest cell to the largest organ, work for the benefit of the whole – there is no 'Selfish' here.

As a result of accepting the current medical philosophy of disease causation and treatment we agree to be 'kept in the dark' regarding our own body, how it woks, what it needs and what to do with it if it needs repair.

An environment, you must agree, that is most conducive to the proliferation of fear and the reliance of others for the supply of simple needs.

Do not be left in the dark by worrying yourself with 'parts of the whole.'

Education is the answer.

Health can be determined, read and understood by simply observing nature – or if you are so inclined – may I suggest that you pick up a good read about Nature Cure – you will be left in no doubt as to the truth about health.

To each and every reader we wish you all the best in your daily
Efforts to apply the laws of health to your own lifestyle.

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