Blizzard and World of Warcraft Gold Sellers

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Many World of Warcraft players today likes to buy WoW gold, items, accounts and power leveling sessions, but blizzard along with other players consider this an act of cheating. Well, you have the ability to enhance your character to a much higher level or better quality items, weapons, armors and other equipment with real money. It's unfair for those players who does not have the extra cash to spare or would prefer to play it the old fashion way. But for example, we all know what Nintendo is right? Well when game shark came out did Nintendo try to stop or prevent them from selling? No, they did not. But of course, for those who chose to cheat the game was not required to play with others that did not want to cheat. So that is one conclusion as to why players and Blizzard does not approve of selling or buying gold.

Disruption from Warcraft gold farmers. Yes I'm sure we've all experienced that farming now a days have been a little difficult due to the overwhelming population of WoW gold farmers. If gold was not able to be sold using real money the farmers would not exist and players would probably be able to enjoy the game more. Maybe blizzard should enforce a law to farming? Or allow players to tag a mob and allow them preparation time to kill the mob they were targeting? Well, Blizzard is not a government and even if so, the government today is not perfect either.

Another reason why I can understand players hate the idea of ​​buying / selling gold is because it disruptions the economy. If there is excess gold, then the value of gold drops and the value of the item will rise causing players to spend more gold on the item than what they would normally need to pay. Basic economics 101, inflation and deflation. A player can only farm an X amount of gold over a given period of time. The more gold there is, the more the item will cost, the more a player will have to farm without they purchase the gold of course.

Well with all these problems involved selling gold, why has not Blizzard done something? I believe they are probably working on a solution but believe it not, farmers do make up about 30% of their population. Somewhere in the back of their mind I'm sure they do not want to get rid of all subscribers. What they do instead is ban a few at a time and they would be required to buy a new world of warcraft cd key. Extra cash flow for the mighty O Blizzard. Yes farmers and sellers do get their accounts banned. But have not heard of any buyers getting parked though. Lucky for us?

As some of you may know, another popular mmorpg publisher is Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) with their many leading titles including the first MMORPG hit EverQuest, Star Wars Galaxies, and EverQuest 2. Why am I bringing up SOE? Because they have introduced the Sony Exchange. The Sony Exchange is a secure market place for players to auction their contracts and items to other players for real cash. In return SOE of course takes in a small fee for themselves. Charming is not it? Well along with this new innovative idea, they also of plans of releasing a new game where they will be selling treaties and items themselves. That pretty much just beats the second paragraph of not cheating. But of course I'm sure they will create specific servers where the purchasing / selling of virtual assets will not be allowed.

If SOE is getting into the secondary market why can not the players? I do wonder if Blizzard should decide to get into the secondary market themselves. Believe it or not, but World of Warcraft subscriber base more than quadruples what SOE has in total. As you can see SOE is accepting the new trend and making a huge load of profit, I'm sure Blizzard would follow up on the idea as well. EverQuest was the first mmorpg hit ever, Blizzard known for their real time strategy games now has the most popular mmorpg as well. I would not see why they will not follow and collect some of the cash themselves. Overall, although we do not know of Blizzards intentions for those who buys WoW gold, I can say for sure that I do not know a single person who has gotten their accounts bought for buying WoW gold. Please understand that this article is only a matter of opinion and I hold no responsibility to your actions.

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