Sell ​​Your Jewelry – Where Are the Best Places to Sell Your Jewelry?


Are you hard-up for cash? Searching for the right place to sell jewelry that will at least buy them from you at a decent amount? Most people that are having cash problems will absolutely look for the perfect place that will give them the best price for their items.

If this is your first time, then your first thought would have been to visit the nearest pawn shop to exchange your item for cash or other shops that buy and sell jewelry. There are numerous shops that engage in this kind of business, these are places that normally has sign on the front door saying "Free Appraisal". Although, these shops offer appraisal service for free, it does not mean that they will need quote you with a fair price.

Pawn shops and buy & sell jewelry shops will always buy gold jewelry at the cheapest prices they can get. It is their normal business practice, since that is how they will eventually make some money. So if you really want to sell jewelry at a fair price, the best place to see is the auction house. An auction house can help you sell your precious gold jewelry, particularly if your jewelry is unique and expensive.

Moreover, eBay and Craigslist are other great place to sell jewelry. Craigslist will provide you the opportunity to meet your buyer, making any business transaction easier and more secure for both parties. EBay on the other hand may be too competitive and not ideal for selling priceless jewelry, not to mention that there will be problems in terms of security and other matters relating eBay's regulation that will further complicate things for you.

EBay is a buy and sell shops on the internet, and there are many items for sale at this site. However, real gold jewelry and really expensive ones may not be right for eBay. So we are left with one option, an independent appraiser that you can sell jewelry to. There are lots of private independent appraisers that can quote you with a fair price, one that you will not feel that you have been robbed.

But just like everything else, the risk is always there. Since most appraisers can be found on the internet, as this is the fastest way to find them. You will need to send them the sell jewelry, and they will send a specially marked pouch to examine the gold jewelry. This is where the danger lies, you have no idea if they are real or not, all you know is what they tell you on their website. So protect yourself, take a picture, get documentation, and have your sell jewelry appraise first. It pays to be smart.


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