Cancer Prevention: Our Very Best Anti Aging Serum

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Cancer prevention is the ultimate proactive health care and our very best anti aging serum.

There is a strong belief about cancer – every one of us is walking around with some form of cancer … lurking within … the billion dollar question to our health, our future, our destiny … what will cause that cancer to Grow becoming a life threatening illness, or what within our body will be able to suppress the terror alert, and we go on enjoying life. In the 1920's, Dr. Otto Warburg, defined critical characteristics of the cancer cell. Cells could become cancerous if oxygen intake had been reduced by more than 35%. To survive, they become anaerobic cells – which means they can survive without oxygen (making it a "tougher" stronger survival of the fittest cell). That is the beast of the cancer cell. It ferments glucose (sugar !!!!!!!!!), fears oxygen like Superman and Kryptonite, and dividends out of control.

"Oxidation" is a term for the process of removing electrons from an atom or molecule. Contrary to what the word itself implies, Oxygen is not the only culprit (oxidizing agent), there are many. Yes we need oxygen to live however our health, protection from the nasties of aging, cancer prevention is all about keeping a balance within between oxidative stress (producing free radicals) and antioxidants, our best cancer prevention. Think of antioxidants as the fire free radical extinguishers … providing electrons where needed. The best known ones are foods that contain vitamin C (our raw fruits and vegetables, cooking kills vitamin c) and vitamin E (nuts, seeds, AVOCADO (my fav), fish, olive oil. Every couple of hours eat a Vitamin C rich food (only lasts in the body for a few hours) and please, unless prescribed by a healthcare professional, please do not take vitamin E supplements.

By creating an internal ecosystem, our biochemical terrain that is hostile to cancer, this same anti cancer environment removes the welcome mat for inflammation, immune system robbers and aging.

We throw around the concept of inflammation a lot in the cancer world, obesity, heart disease, aging … so lets just take a brief moment on inflammation: Leading causes: smoking, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, activation of stress hormones , Alcohol, sugar, Omega 6 oils such as vegetable oils, trans fats … An anti-inflammatory diet is rich in Omega 3s, probiotics, fish, best oils are avocado, canola, sesame, olive oil. But when choosing foods, please keep it simple and pure. Do not listen to the marketing on the product … they are out to sell you product not advise you on your health. Read the nutritional information yourself.

If you look at the major cancers of our time: Breast, Prostate, colorectal, kidney, lung, lymphoma … and look at the biochemical terrain that supports the growth of these cancers, either inflammation and / or glycemia (sugar levels) are Factors in each and every one of them. Even if a cancer is removed through chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, if the biological environment has not been modified to become a hostile towards cancer – the odds are greatly increased the cancers will multiply and return.

The best cancer treatment is cancer prevention. By:

An anti-inflammatory lifestyle with appropriate exercise and nutrition
Limiting sugar, alcohol,
Eliminating smoking and sedentary lifestyle (desk job still not an excuse!)

We can feel great, look great and minimize our risk of obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes an array of other illnesses … and yes, is the very best anti aging treatment!

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