What Are the Venusian Arts?

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What are the Venusian arts? We have all heard of the Martial arts, named after Mars the Roman god of War. The Venutian arts as are named after Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love (Also called Aphrodite).   The venusian arts are a set of values and skills that anyone can attempt to learn to become masters of “love”. The venusian arts have attracted negative publicity over the past decade which has mainly been attributed from the masses of self proclaimed “Pick-up Artists” who have acted without morals or integrity. Social Dynamics does not promote this behaviour.   The concepts of the Venusian arts can also be compared to  love gods from other cultures, Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli in Aztec mythology, Kukulcan in Maya mythology, Frigg and Freyja in the Norse mythos, and Ushas in Vedic religion. Ushas is also linked to Venus by a Sanskrit . Venus is also associated with the Latvian god Auseklis, whose name derives from the root aus-, meaning “dawn”.

The romantic ideas behind the venus and the venusian arts are based on beauty and desire, however the core of its principles are deeply ingrained in human psychology, animal instinct and natural selection. There is actually scientific fact to these ideas.    Allow me to explain.   Let’s summarize Pre-Historic Man. As limited as his knowledge was of the world we live in he knew in order to survive he needed to procreate. He also understood that in order for him to have offspring his mate needed to be fertile. He looked for a woman who appeared healthy, he could tell by looking at her skin, the fullness of their lips, her breasts, her hair, etc. The subtle story that these body features told him the chance she had of bearing strong, healthy children. Age was also a huge factor; younger women are more fertile than older women. The qualities men are looking for are physical.   Now we summarize Pre-Historic Woman. She had different needs. She spent a large percentage of her time as pregnant or bearing young children. She looked for a man that would be able to provide and protect her and her children. She could tell by finding Men who where leaders and able to accumulate and provide wealth (in those days it was food) and a man who would be able to quickly make decisions and stand to protect her. The interesting fact here is that opposite to the man, the Woman desired Emotional qualities. Does this still sound true?

Man may have realised their intelligence at an alarming rate, however their evolution has lagged behind. Why else do we still have an appendix to perform bodily functions that modern man no longer requires.   The venusian arts takes these principles and modernises their concepts to allow us to leverage the hard-wired code that has been left behind by evolution. When we understand the basic concepts we are able to ensure we are meeting our partner’s most basic needs which will make everything else easy.   Here is a personal illustration. Before I had knowledge of the venusian arts, My Wife at the time and I where planning our wedding. My sister and soon-to-be Wife had a misunderstanding regarding one of the travel arrangements for another family mamber. My wife was clearly in the wrong and I decided to play nice guy and defuse the situation without taking sides, society says that what women want. Wrong. This caused a huge argument with my Wife stating that she just wanted me to defend her position right or wrong. I didn’t get it!

I thought I had done the right thing? Later my wife had an argument with another family member and this time I stood by her and actually went as far as to fight the argument for her. When it was over she purred to me how much she loved me and how it made her uh-hum feel.   There are techniques you can use to ensure you highlight your most attractive qualities that are simple to apply and do not require you to behave like someone who you are not.   At Social Dynamics we take the time to work with you and assess which areas you could benefit from our professional coaching. Some need a little, some need a lot but at the end of the day we want you to be in a happy loving relationship!

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