Reverse Marketing – What is it and Can it Help the Marketer?

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Marketing is to reach out for customers and sell them your product. In reverse marketing the customers seek you out. Sounds strange! Well that’s the catch. There are so many people who use search engines to get information. The search engines are paid to show ads. But the downside is that the ads are displayed separately and customers hardly look at them. In reverse marketing you give the customer the information he is looking for on your website. In this way you draw customers to your website and promote your product.

The objective of marketing is always the same. What differs is the way of marketing. The basic idea of the reverse marketing is to put useful content where people will find while searching a product. People respond much better to content when its main purpose is not advertising alone, and it gives you a chance to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise first.

Reverse marketing techniques are very effective when employed properly. People let their guard down when they are getting the information they are looking for. Often this is what gets them to buy on the spot when they have a great deal of confidence in the company they are purchasing from. The advantage of this type of reverse marketing is that the customer is impressed to find someone who first demonstrates their knowledge on the topic and provides links at the bottom to check out their online store. Another plus point is that this technique fetches you high quality customers who are ready to buy.

Sometime back this was the growing trend in online marketing. Numerous Free For All (FFA) sites were created flooding the online marketing world and it was quite effective also. People post their ads on these FFA sites and in return the owner mails them an ad about his products and business. But with the advent of spam and the ISP filters, this technique lost the sheen it possessed earlier.

However, the reverse marketing is still a good way to promote your product. An appreciable number of people use the FFA for posting ads even now, so the idea is not so obsolete after all. Auto submitting makes it an easy process that is hardly any downside to any of the poster. Reverse marketing is in existence because it is producing results in spite of all the criticism it faces. Though the efficiency has reduced to some extent. As long as there are buyers of this technique there will be people to sell it. The trick is to employ this technique effectively. There should be a balance between the information and advertisement. If one occupies more space the other is bound to occupy less. Whatever is the case it would have very few buyers. The techniques change but the basic objective doesn’t change in marketing and that is what guides you to better advertising.

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