Why Should You Outsource in the Philippines?

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in Davao City is a growing industry that supports a majority of the city’s business population. From IT support, web development all the way to book keeping, companies around the world are starting to outsource to the Philippines.

The Philippines is popular for being one of the most competitive nations for outsourcing. The country took the seventh spot in Consultancy’s list of top 40 countries for business process outsourcing.

But why should you outsource to the Philippines?

What makes the Philippines an effective partner in business development?

Here are 4 Reasons:


Many different nations around the world have influenced the Philippines. The country’s cuisine, national attire, pop culture and even dialects were inspired by other countries.

Spain and United States, specifically, have great influence to the country. Up until today these influences are noticeable among the younger generation. The adaptable and dynamic nature of the country and its people, makes it a competitive candidate for entrepreneurs.


As mentioned above, the Philippines was governed by other countries before it was able to stand alone as a nation. This is why the influences of the English, Spanish and Chinese languages are still evident in the country’s dialects.

Aside from its many complex dialects, most of its citizens are also fluent in Filipino (the country’s official language) and English. Filipinos’ proficiency in their English language makes them ideal partners in business development.


The BPO industry in the Philippines is rapidly growing. Revenue projected to grow up to $40 billion and create 7.6 million jobs all over the country. The 2022 Roadmap of the IT-Business Process Association of the Philippines also speaks about the expected expansion of the industry. The BPO sector is also expected to cover 15% of the global outsourcing market.

Outsourcing benefits professionals and businesses aside from its’ significant impact to the economy. The value of US dollars works best for outsourcing companies. This allows small business owners to make business development possible minus the high cost. Companies get to thrive and employees get to enjoy comfortable pay from their offshore clients.


The Philippines is a tropical country, located above the equator. It has wet and dry seasons and home to many different natural wonders. In the Philippines, BPO in Davao City is one of the most promising since the city is flood-free and economically strong.

The city is also known as one of the safest places in the world, making it a good home for BPO employees and possible tourist destination for the clients.

The country’s language, economy, and climate make it a great destination for entrepreneurs. It is ideal for those who want to develop their business in the most time efficient and cost effective way possible.

The growth of the BPO industry shows the ever increasing interest of the other developed countries to the Philippines. The growth of BPO in the country not only makes it economically stronger but also a competent partner to other nations.

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