12 Easy Steps to a House Trained Puppy

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Getting a new puppy is always an occasion for joy, but for first-timers, it can also be stressful. Of course, you want to get everything right, so that you and your new best friend can enjoy many happy years together, and that means training your puppy to become a good canine citizen. Before you get going on obedience training, though, start with house training.

How It's Done

You might think that house training is going to take forever, but the reality is that if you follow these twelve basic steps, you'll get the job done quickly – probably in just a few weeks.

1. Be Consistent

There is more than one way of house training a puppy. Just make sure that whatever approach you take, you stick with it.

2. Have a Routine

Dogs are happiest when they know what to expect, and what's expected of them. So set specific times for meals. Then, about half an hour after your puppy has eaten, put him outside, and wait until he's done his business. Then bring him back in.

3. Be Watchful

Puppies need to be closely supervised, especially during house training. You should keep your puppy with you, and keep an eye out for signs that he needs to go potty (walking in circles is a tip-off).

4. Do not Ask for Too Much Too Soon

A puppy is not going to be able to control his bladder or bowels for very long. In fact, when you first bring your puppy home (usually at around 8 weeks of age), you can expect that he'll need to go outside every couple of hours. As he matures, he 'll have more control.

5. Plan for Frequent Trips Outdoors

If you can, take your puppy outdoors hourly, at least for the first few days. This way, you'll dramatically reduce the chances of accidents in the house, and you'll also be increasing the number of opportunities you have to reinstate the idea that you want him to do his business outside.

6. Separate Potty Time from Play Time

Do not hang around outdoors once the potty break is over – bringing the puppy inside right away. You can go right back out to play in a few minutes if you like, but what you're trying to do is reinforce the idea that the yard is where he's supposed to pee and poop.

7. Pick a Spot

You'll have great success if you choose just one place in the yard for potty trips (it will make cleaning up easier, too). Always lead the puppy to one spot. His nose will tell him that this is the right place.

8. Pick a Phrase

When you take the puppy to the spot you've chosen, tell him "Go potty," or another phrase you've chosen. Occasionally, he'll go to his special spot in the yard just by being told, without needing to be led.

9. Make Good Things Happen

Praise your puppy and give him a treat once you're back in the house – not while he's doing his business in the yard. You do not want him to think he's being praised for peeing or pooping; Otherwise, he's not going to understand why he's not praised when he does it in the house. What you're teaching him is that if he does his business outside, something good will happen when get gets back indoors.

10. Do not Feed Before Bed

Two hours before it's time to turn in for the night, take away the water dish, and do not offer any trees. This way, the chances of accidents during the night can be reduced.

11. Use a Crate

When you can not be at home, put your puppy in a crate. Most dogs are related to eliminate where they sleep. Just make sure that the crate is not so big that the puppy decides that one area is for sleeping, and another for eliminating. Before crating, make sure he gets a potty trip out to the yard, and when you get back, take him outside again.

12. Never Punish

Do not punish your puppy for accidents. Some dogs take a bit longer than others to house train, but if you punish, you run the risk of the puppy trying to hide his mistakes from you.

The Final Word

House training a puppy takes a bit of time and effort, but it needs to be done. Just be consistent, praise and reward your puppy, and you'll probably be pleasantly surprised at how quickly it can be accomplished

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