Forex Trading Robots – Scam Or Truth?

The world would be a wonderful place if you could go out and buy a robot who would do all your hard work for you?

This is why we first dreamed of robots in the first place wasn’t it? We saw a world filled with time saving machines that would do the boring repetitive things we didn’t want to do.

The very notion of being able to sit back, relax and have a robot clean your house and prepare meals, is something we in the modern world of wonder gadgets have come to expect from not only our future but right here and now. With the power of super computers at our fingertips via our mobile phones and other wireless wonders, we have the potential to do amazing things by harnessing the power of all the worlds technologies right there in the palm of our hands.

With this in mind we see the idea of a robotic computer servant watching foreign exchange rates and trends and believe that it can’t be that hard to connect the dots of what must be a good time to buy or sell a particular currency, so as to make a profit. This essentially is what the forex auto pilot and fap turbo type products claim to do.

The question is do they really work? Or are we just looking at another scam type product to suck more money out of the pockets of the gullible or unsuspecting? Before we can answer that question, lets inject a healthy dose of skepticism here.

Do you really think that a product that essentially allows you to put $50 dollars in one end and watch $75 come out there end is something that could really exist?

If it were that easy, then the whole world would know about it and we could all quit our day jobs and sit back and allow our faithful robot to basically print money for us.

Back to reality.

Let’s not get carried away by the marketing hype we see out there and think that they must be telling us the whole truth. It is impossible to think that given the chance to be truthful or lie when profits are at stake, that the marketers would choose the truthful way. They don’t see it as lying just bending the truth somewhat.

And to be perfectly honest most sensible folks these days are equipped with enough intelligence to figure this out for themselves.

I have made a close study of various forex trading systems and my analysis would present a somewhat sobering experience for the over eager who have bypassed the logic of their own minds and are thinking we are in some kind of Jetsons world with the dream of the robots a present day reality.

The six auto pilot forex systems I have reviewed have come up with some mixed results from various resource fronts.

Peoples experiences with software programs is going to always be many and varied. To find someone who loves a program and someone who hates the very same thing is not that hard to do. The trouble we are faced with is who do we believe?

I have taken a different approach to finding the answer and it is not based on individual or anecdotal evidence.

Taking a more scientific approach has drawn me to a more logical conclusion on the matter of whether or not forex trading robots are scams or not.

To define a scam, we need only look to past experiences of famous scams. For example the guy who sold folks a $1 wire coat hanger by advertising it as a universal clothes hanging device for $10 that nobody should be without. Or those chain letter scams where the lure of get in early and draw others in and get out at the top with all this money. Those types of things are obviously scams. Forex trading robots do use sophisticated analysis programs to predict trends based on previous market trends so they are not out and out scams in their design. But if you were to believe the hype and just plug your money in one end and expect to see it double itself and pop out the other end, then yes they are scams.

No robot is going to be able to tell the future accurately 100% of the time. If it could, everyone would know about this as I mentioned earlier. The great thing about the reviewed products is that you can run them in demo mode first, without having to inject any real money to test and see if they can do what they claim. Most of them are going to cost some money to try them out even in demo mode but you do have a 60 day money back guarantee to guard your investment, should you find they don’t deliver. So really there is no risk here, just your time to test them out. My personal favorite is one program that doesn’t cost you anything to try. It takes seconds to download and install. You can run it in “practice mode” and trade with play money until you get the hang of it and then switch over the make some real money.

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