Texts to Send Your Ex Girlfriend That Will Get Her Back

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So you really want to text her… but you don’t know what to say.

If you’re trying to get your ex back, texting can be a dangerous thing. However, it can also be an awesome tool. Say the right things, and you can immediately grab your ex girlfriend’s attention. Send the correct text message, and she could soon be begging you to take her back.

Before we begin, understand that texting your ex is generally not a great idea. Not at first, anyway. There are several other steps in the ex back process, and these should be considered first. Make sure you learn them all before you resort to text-messaging with your ex.

With that said, let’s begin.

First, understand that your ex girlfriend will be receptive of only SO much contact with you. The first time you reach out to her after the breakup, she’s going to listen to what you have to say. But the 642nd time? Not so much.

In essence, less is more. So when you decide to make first contact after the break? Make sure it counts. You’ll want to ensure that everything you say is going to work for you in the long run, and that you’re not making any of the bigger mistakes guys always make when trying to talk to an ex girlfriend.

Texting Your Ex Girlfriend

When you’re about to text your ex, make sure it’s at a time she can respond. You don’t want to text her in the early morning (when she’s getting ready), in the middle of a busy day (when she’s not likely to get back to you), or while she’s at work or school (where she can’t get back to you).

Texting her in the evening has two advantages. One, she’s probably got the time to reply to you. Her day is winding down, and there won’t be so much going on. Two, your ex girlfriend will be more likely to be lonely at night. She might by lying there, worrying about things. She might even be missing you.

Below are three different texts you can send your ex girlfriend in order to lure her back.

The ‘I’m Okay’ Text Message

Your first goal is stop resisting the breakup. You do this by letting your ex know you’re 100% in agreement with her about wanting to break things off (even though you’re not).

“Hey listen, I wanted you to know I’m totally cool with ending things. The more I think about it, the more I realize you’re right. Maybe we can be friends one day. Until then, take care.”

This is the simplest, easiest way to not only let your ex know you’re okay with breaking up, but that you actually agree with what she’s saying.

See, your ex can’t argue here. She can’t fight you. She was probably all prepared for you to come up with 10,000 reasons why you should stay together. Instead, you did the exact opposite.

The genius part about this text is that it aligns you with her own interests. Suddenly, you’re on the same side. You’re allies. You’re buddies! Like it or not, you’re basically in the same boat.

Best of all, your ex will instantly wonder what CHANGED with you. Why are you not fighting for her? What happened since she dumped you? Did you find someone else? Get a better prospect? Or did you really come to the realization that YOU don’t want HER???

The ‘Cutting off all Communication’ Text

This is a good one. Right now your ex is ready to ignore you. She expects a barrage of communication, all from your end, and she’s prepared to completely snub you on each and every attempt.

So instead of doing the mass-communication thing, you tell your ex girlfriend:

“You’re right. It’s probably best that we don’t talk anymore. Best of luck, Jennifer. Maybe one day we can be friends.”

BOOM! Preemptive strike. With just a few short sentences, you shifted the balance of power back in your direction. Suddenly, SHE can’t call YOU. Why? Because you told her not to. You basically told HER that staying apart is what YOU want, instead of the other way around.

Know what people hate most? Being told what to do. Your ex girlfriend will be instantly pissed because you stole her fire. Not talking, not communicating? That was HER line! And here you are, throwing it back in her face. Making her own the breakup in the best possible way: by making her see she stands to actually lose you.

And after being pissed wears off, guess what? Your girlfriend faces a new emotion: FEAR.

Fear of being wrong about breaking things off. Fear that maybe, just maybe, you see something that she doesn’t.

Fear of losing you.

This text tells your girlfriend one quick thing: that you don’t need her. And more than anything else, to feel comfortable in continuing the breakup? Your ex girlfriend needs to feel like you still DO need her.

Uncertainty is one of the biggest tools you can use to get your ex back. Make her feel uncertain, and she’ll soon be doubting the breakup.

The ‘Make Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous’ Text

After the breakup, you get one good shot at making your ex jealous through a text message:

“You’re right, and I think it would be best if we both started seeing other people. Sorry it didn’t work out. I hope we can be friends again one day.”

Think about it: your ex dumped you because she thought she could do better. She expected you to be heartbroken, and to chase after her in trying to get her back.

This “chasing your ex” phase is something your girlfriend was counting on. It allows her the opportunity to let go of you little by little, at her own pace, because she’s safe and secure in the knowledge she can get you back with the snap of two fingers ANYTIME SHE WANTS.

So what just happened? You basically told her you were happy to go out and see other people. All of a sudden a picture forms in your girlfriend’s mind… a picture of you hugging and kissing some other girl.

Trust me, this is NOT what she wants! Your ex wanted you to sit around wallowing in misery and chasing after her for a while, inflating her ego while SHE got to go out and possibly see other people. Instead, just the opposite happened. YOU plan to see other people (apparently at the first available opportunity), and she’s the one left wondering if ending the relationship was the right decision.

She also has to wonder, for the first time ever, if getting YOU back is even a possibility.

See what happened? The entire situation has been turned around. Instead of looking for reasons to continue rejecting you, your ex girlfriend will begin searching for ways she could get back INTO the relationship, should she decide to do so.

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