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Different people have different criteria for classifying a watch as a luxury watch. These days luxury watches are not the ones which allow the user to only check time. These are the watches which are equipped with various features like reminders and alerts, alarm clock, chronograph, international time zones and so on.

These watches are made of very high quality material and are very durable. They last long and can be passed on from generation to generation. Since they are made from best quality materials and incorporated with the best machinery, they are fairly expensive. These days various watches are available in the market which meet all the standards of a luxury watch. Dress watches are a type of luxury ones which are made of silver or gold coating. These are embedded with pearls to provide a better appearance of the watch. These qualities make it attractive and pleasing to look at.

Luxury watches should have following qualities-

· They should provide additional information besides showing time to the wearer.

· They should be made up of high quality materials; like in the case of leather watches, the strap should be made of high quality leather so as to prevent marks on the straps during folding.

· Water resistance is another quality which it should have as it allows the wearer to use it anywhere and anytime he/she wants.

· They should be light-weight. These days people demand light weight watches since it is not possible to wear those heavy ones the whole day.

· Accuracy- The watches that work on precise movement of gears and spring will provide accurate time. Accuracy is a must while looking out for a luxury watch.

· Another thing which an idea luxury watch should have is a dial with good lumination. These days watches are incorporated with radium, which allows the user to see the time even in the dark.

· The Dial should be made of good quality crystal so that it remains scratch proof for long.

Luxury watches are expensive

These watches are very expensive and rare. They are made in a limited number and are much sought after by the public. Some watches have precious stones like diamonds and pearls encrusted on the hands, wrist band or the dial. They have an intricate mechanism and engineering designs. They are usually expensive because of the materials they are made of and the superior craftsmanship. They are manufactured in smaller quantity so its demand is always more than its supply.

Precautions while buying Luxury watches

As they are very expensive, you should follow a lot of precautions while buying them. You should buy the watch from a reputed manufacturer who has earned a huge amount of goodwill in the market. The watch should have a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing defect and should have a certificate of quality.

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