Dugi’s Guide – Turn Your Leveling Into Power Leveling

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There is no doubt that World of Warcraft 3 can sometimes be quite complicated and very extensive game. And Dugis Guide managed to put all of that into step-by-step easy followed guide. Dugis went a long way from being just a simple list of steps in a text form to fully automated solution. It is known for its compliance with latest Blizzard requirements about third-party add-ons. And on top of that it is more than just a simple wow leveling guide. Sit tight and read through and you will know if Dugis Guide can make your leveling journey much simpler.

Today almost any guide, included Dugis Guide is delivered as an in-game add-on which is in fact a standalone application. But it hasn’t always been like that. At first dugis ultimate wow guide was just a simple compilation of steps in a text form. Since than it has undergone major improvements. As a result of that it has evolved into entirely automated in-game leveling guide. So you have access to step detection mechanism and automatic way-points. Beyond that all the quest you are assigned are grouped for you in the best possible order. On top of that dugi guide is completely designed for horde as well as for alliance leveling.

But there is more that you need to know. Since wow leveling guides started to show up, there has been a discussion about their compliance to Blizzard policy. It is widely known fact that Blizzard isn’t very supportive about Warcraft 3 third-party add-ons that show up here and there. Furthermore, Blizzard especially warns against guides that does not meet their terms of service. Because players who use such guides might end up with their accounts banned.

However, Dugi is a veteran player when it comes to wow games and he puts his reputation on the line. He claims that his guide doesn’t break any Blizzard’s rules and is completely congruent with Blizzard’s TOS. That being said, any rumors that claim there is a possibility of being banned for using Dugis Guide remain rumors. Because, simply there is no proof that would support such claims.

But this is not everything about dugis ultimate wow guide. It is far more from being just a simple leveling guide. It doesn’t matter whether you are alliance or horde faction, it is a perfect solution. The newest development of the guide is entirely prepared for the latest Cataclysm expansion. So the road from level one to 85 is accurately and faithfully laid out for you. Equally important, dugis guide is also composed of class guides, profession guides, gold guides and of course dailies. I must say that this is an impressive collection of tools for any serious wow player. Just the guides for every single class are worth the price.

Now you know the most important facts to solve the problem most wow players face – “Is this guide really useful?”. The answer is simple. Do you think that complete automation will come in handy? Of course it will. Also having all the quest grouped by any given area is extremely helpful feature.

You don’t need to worry about Blizzard rules for third-party add-ons, because Dave Farrel took care of that on his end. In addition, you don’t get just a leveling guide. You get a comprehensive and updated solution for effective wow leveling. And this is really the strength of Dugis Ultimate leveling guide. However, besides dugis guide there are others that you may be interested in.

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