Catastrophe Alert – Is Working For A Living A Problem In Today’s Economy?

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In today’s economy, most people might conclude that is it harder to get a job under this current president. While I am not here to share any personal beliefs in politics, I will say that in today’s time, it is much harder to find a job than it once was. 20 to 30 years ago, most people stopped going to college once they got their bachelors. Now people are getting their masters in their respected fields and are still not able to make ends meet in their household.

In the workforce today, there are many things that are worth pointing out that makes working for a living a problem. Working for a living in my opinion is not the way to live. In the great country called United States, We as citizens are allowed to challenge the status quo and pursue our dreams.

When you work for a living, if you are not educated, you are most likely living on or under the poverty level. You are basically forced to work extremely long hours for very little pay. In addition, since you are not on salary, in the unfortunate event you become dangerously ill and forced to take a lot of days off to heal, you will fall into enormous debt.

If you have a degree in a respected major, you maybe just above the poverty line but you are no where near comfortable. When you have a masters or bachelors and are well educated, taxes that come out of your paycheck and the increased cost of living can make it hard to enjoy a comfortable level of living.

When you work in corporate America, in most cases you are forced to work with people you do not like and your job is never guaranteed. Nothing is ever guaranteed in society and you can be out of a job at any minute. Your employer may choose to go in a different direction and let you go or your employer may go out of business leaving you out of a job as well.

If you want to escape working for a living in today’s economy, you must find a different method of earning income. Working from home can be a great way to make income. Working from home will allow you to make more money than you ever imagined and you will be able to put yourself in position to live a higher quality lifestyle.

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