How to Find Novelty Music Boxes for the Music Box and Antique Collector

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For the music box and antique collector, there is an almost endless array of music boxes to collect. From carousel music boxes to ballerina music boxes, and antique music boxes to children's jewelry boxes, there is a large variety to choose from. There is also a specialty area for the music box and antique collector to consider. The area is novelty musical mechanisms. Four top novelty items to consider are furniture musical mechanisms, household items, clocks and wallets, and the automata.

Furniture Musical Mechanisms

In the 19th and early 20th century, many leading manufacturers placed musical mechanisms in furniture. Some of the most popular items their mechanisms were placed in were full sized decorative tables with a compartment for stationary or playing cards. Examples of furniture musical mechanisms include a child's rocking chair, which was made with a musical mechanism, mounted on it, and wooden chairs which movements, operated by a hinged seat, would play when someone sat down. These types of items are rarely and clearly fitted with a musical mechanism so they can be easily overlooked.

Household Utensils

Candy and serving dished have been made with musical movements. In addition, elegant teapots with designs such as cats, Victorian homes, and cows have also been made. Lazy Susan's with 18-note movements, and even musical liquor decanters with fancy styles from golf bags to cars are available. These types of novel items would have fun additions to the collection of the music box and antique collector.

Clocks and Watches

Numerous table clocks have been made with musical movements. However, when the music box and antique collector goes to an antique shop or second hand store, they may miss these special items since the musical mechanisms may not be working. Simple cleaning and oiling can get the table clocks and up and running.

Many of the cylinder music boxes were also placed in pocket watches and their cases. While early examples are rare and highly valuable, modern ones can be found.


The best automata were made in and around Paris during the last part of the 19th century. The musical movements many times were reflected in the landscape based in the body of the automation.

All kinds of unique automata were made. Among the figures that were manufactured were dolls, monkeys, jesters, and children doing all manner of complicated things. One interesting example is an extra automation manufactured by the French companyRoullet and Decamps. The figure was a Pierrot and the moon. The moon, made from paper paper mache, has a painted face with brown eyes and tongue that moves from side to side. The Pierrot raises a leg, lifts one arm and moves as if playing a guitar. Such a rare piece, despite the expense, would be a highly valuable asset to the collection of the music box and antique collector.

While carousel music boxes, ballerina music boxes, antique music boxes, and children's jewelry boxes are examples of music boxes some music box and antique collectors may already have, adding novel music boxes and musical movements such as the ones delivered in this article would make them Collector even more unique. Why not begin that search today?

Copyright 2006 Monique Hawkins

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