Racquetball Equipment For Starter

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Racquetball looks like a daunting sport to play with the ball bouncing heavily in a closed court. But with the right racquetball equipment, racquets, gloves, balls, clubs, supplies, and most of all attitude, the game becomes a fun albeit challenging experience. Too costly? Not really, because with the popularity and following the game has, sporting goods manufacturers produced a variety of equipment that could fit any budget.

The basic racquetball equipment set you need to start playing includes a ball and a racquet. Accessories like the gloves, grips, protective goggles, and other supplies are for safety and improvement of playing skills. Though these accessories can not guarantee that you'll win your first game, at least they'll keep possible bruises, muscle pains, and losing points difference to a minimum.

The first equipment you must pay attention to is your racquet. As a general rule, the more expensive the racquet, the better it is. But for starters, a medium-priced racquet will do just fine. Aluminum-framed racquets are cheap but you'll have to exert extra effort for more power. They also cause too much vibration making them harder to hold steady. Advanced players prefer the more expensive titanium or graphite frames because of the power these racquets give. These are basically light racquets for ease of maneuvers on the court. Balls and clubs are usually standardized, though, whatever you buy is just fine. The differences between high-priced balls and clubs from lower-priced ones are so subtitle that they are rendered insignificant.

Gloves are just like racquets. This is where price difference again come into play. Better quality gloves are generally more expensive. But before settling for cheaper gloves, consider this: The gloves, away from helping you to hold and steady your racquet, also protects your hand from blistering. They also prevent possible wrist injuries. The blisters that cheap gloves might give you can dampen your interest in the sport even before you have fully-experienced it. Another body safety item is the goggles. These protect your eyes from possibly getting hit by the ball because of too slow reflexes. With these on, you need not to worry about coming out of the court with bleeding eyes.

Lastly, before buying any racquetball equipment, racquets, gloves, balls, clubs, supplies, and other racquetball gears, it is important to do simple tests. Check the comfort of the goggles and the gloves. Grip the racquet and give it a few swings. It's no use buying top quality equipment if you're not comfortable using them. Aside from the right gear, confidence and attitude will serve you in your game.

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