Video Games Over The Last Decade

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The industry of games and technology have always been close since they both started. Videogames were at first simple and without colors because the consoles used back ten were not capable of running better games. The quality of games have improved greatly in these last decades and they have become interactive, there are many types of video games each one with a different industry.

Technology has also improved and even become more compact, for example, laptops, palms, small mp3 players and others. Technology has improved, not only for fun, but also to improve life, computers make our life easier, simpler, they are used for a lot of things as working, playing, movies, music and most of the things people usually do as hobbies or entertainment.

There is also the industry of online video games which has been the most popular one since it started, because it’s a new way of playing and interacting with people from other parts of the world, both industries, games and computers are gaining more everyday because, for better games, people need faster and better computers.

Now, the industry of video games has a great variety of categories and a numbered selection of different consoles to play each kind of games, for example: playstation, xbox, Nintendo and sega, which are the main brands for the most popular consoles, each with its own subdivision and different versions like PlayStation which has the “psp” that stands for PlayStation portable, there’s also, PlayStation 1, 2 and 3 which is the newest and most expensive one with the most advanced technology, nintendo’s latest creations were gamecube and nintendi wii, for xbox there is xbox and xbox 360, there’s also the industry of portable consoles which is owned mostly by Nintendo companies.

These industries mentioned have each improved greatly over the years. Each day we need more technology to live better, people have become dependent on this factor it becomes more expensive and more amazing each day. We should try to find a way to live in a balanced world where we could be independent from technology but still use it for defensive matters and work that can’t be done by human hands.

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