How To Keep a Man from Ejaculating Too Quickly

Women can easily find themselves in the position of trying to learn how to keep a man from ejaculating too quickly. There are short term in the moment solutions, as well as long term ways that can be followed with great results. Here's a bit of both.

1. "Easy on the touch". In the moment of sexual intimate, realize that the male is going to be very sensitive, and arousing the sensitivity is going to lead to a man ejaculating too quickly. Essentially you want to save it for the main event, and avoid too much touching beforehand. Thats not to say you can not engage in foreplay, just make sure it is light foreplay on your part. Allow the male to devote more time towards you so he will feel as if you are already on the road to climax, since he will not feel intense pressure to last long, so preventing him from ejaculating too quickly.

2. "Easy on the verbal". During sexual intimate do not be "overly verbal". While men do enjoy hearing verbal ecstasies emanating from the female, in the situation of preventing a man from ejaculating too quickly, it's best to not get to verbal. This easily turns a guy on and can really lead to himself becoming overly excited and hence ejaculating too quickly.

3. "Teach him the way". Realize that many guys do not want to take the time to learn how keep from ejaculating too quickly, usually out of embarrassment and sometimes denial. Female partners can become subcontractors by reading online guides and techniques for males, then subtly have your male partner apply these techniques. Practice does make perfect and by acting as a college teacher you take control and create a stronger more erotic and pleasurable sex life.

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