Levels Of Stress For Different Nursing Career Positions


Becoming a nurse is not an easy process and the workload during nursing school is just a small taste of the workload that will be required once in the medical field. This will depend, of course, on what kind of job you find for yourself once you are a registered nurse. If you decide to work in a nursing home the demands will be vastly different than if you were to accept a position with an Emergency Room in a hospital. The stress levels will be different depending on the type of career path that you choose. These thoughts may help guide you along your way.

For those who are looking to earn the most amount of money per year you may wish to look for jobs in hospitals – especially emergency room positions. This is where the stress level is the highest and the responsibility is the highest as well. If you were to become an emergency room nurse you would have to deal with the potential for patients dying on your shift. This is a scary idea to be sure and not one that anyone can be prepared for. Yes, there is training throughout your schooling that will give you some ideas of what to expect, but truly nothing can prepare you for what it will actually be like. This is one of the stresses that you might find yourself facing as a nurse, especially serving in the emergency room or intensive care areas of a hospital.

The stress levels will be lower in different areas of practice and with different positions within a nursing career . Some of the lowest stress positions will be those of doctors offices. Nursing homes also present career opportunities for registered nurses who enjoy working with more aged individuals and caring for the needs of the senior population.

It is wise to consider the types of work that is available and the levels of stress that go along with each working environment. Nurses must be able to handle stress (and sometimes very high levels of stress) and remain calm under pressure. If you are looking for a career in this field but are not able to handle very high situations then you may wish to consider yourself for work in some of the 'calmer environments' like doctors offices, labs and senior care facilities. Remember that your work is some of the most important in all of the world because it involves directly caring for the needs of people when it comes to their health and comfort. Truly nursing is a very rewarding profession.


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