Digital Transformation in Real Estate

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In the last five years, however, the paradigm of real estate transactions has gone through a major change with digital transformation of our societies being at the heart of this change.

Every aspect of our lives has changed drastically in the last two decades and much of the change has been fuelled, catalysed and necessitated by the increasing digital awareness and ubiquity. The Real Estate industry, although, much slower to adapt to this change has since picked up pace and is now at the forefront of some of the cutting edge innovations.

As our lives are more connected, and there is greater financial freedom with easier movement possible, a greater value has now been found in attempting and executing phone system transactions online. There is less apprehension and greater confidence being shown by buyers, sellers, brokers, lessors in deploying digital mediums to conduct their real estate business.

The National Broadband Network in Australia is set to take this transformation into a much higher terrain as improving connectivity and access will bring about better transmission of data, improved transparency and a much larger populace into the online phone systems fold. Consumers will be able to view and evaluate properties from far and wide, while developers will be in a position to pitch them to a more varied audience. The brokers will find themselves being able to create unified platform for the interaction of both buyers and sellers.

Digital transformation in the real estate sector also means that there is an improved coordination and liaison amongst the various parties involved. Virtual meetings, conference calls and video conferencing means that physical presence is no longer the clinching requirement to close a deal. Digitization also moves the land records and ownership documents to the online sphere, this reduces fraudulent transactions and improves confidence amongst buyers.

Thus, we see that the actual transformation brought in by increasing digital presence in the real estate industry is to increase transparency and improve confidence amongst buyers. This has in turn allowed for a greater organization of the sector. Real estate brokers are now no longer regional players but can scale their operations with considerably decreased costs. For the buyers, there is a greater sense of security in real estate transaction. They have greater access to information which in turn provides them a clearer picture of the property in question and the sellers on hand. For the sellers, the new digital age has opened up new market avenues hereto non-existent. Wider scope, better targeting and improved conversions have helped bottom lines.

In conclusion, digital transformation has been a holistic and all-encompassing phenomenon that has helped each one of the stakeholders in the telephone systems chain.

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