Is It My Imagination or Does There Appear to Be a Cancer Epidemic?

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That question appears to be on many people’s mind. Some say that cancer cells are in our body from the day of birth and are not dangerous until they are activated.

If that is the case, what is causing an increase in activation? One of the many theories is diet. It appears the cancer cells love sugar… but not just any sugar. It is the refined sugar found in cereals, candy bars, baking goods, etc. Oh my goodness, we are a sugar society!

Another recent theory, release by the Associated Press, was published in the journal Science titled “New Research Says Cancer May Be Caused by Genetic Typos”. They say the most common cause for this “typo” to occur is environmental factors, such as the assault on the body’s DNA from the world around us along with poor diets, smoking, certain hormones or viruses as well as the unseen reality of UV rays from the sun and other forms of radiation.

Radiation? Yes! This may explain it: cell phones and other wireless technology is definitely prevalent! Coincidently this ties in with another school of thought that is gaining ground. According to the World Health Organization, electromagnetic frequency radio waves emitted from cell phones and other wireless devices has been classified as a probable cause of carcinogens. EMF waves enter the body and affect the soft tissue which can cause cellular mutation. With more and more Smart Technology being released into the public, the body is being exposed to more EMF radiation than the body can handle naturally. According to Dr Devra Davis, we are on Over-Load.

However, all is not lost… scientific research is looking for answers. Currently there are two companies that are on the forefront of solutions.

1. One company develops innovative nutrition that protects the division of healthy cells. This nutrition has been classified as adult stem cell nutrition. It is new, it is effective and it is timely in today’s world. It appear that certain plants, when combined and prepared under a specific scientific protocol, encapsulated and consumed daily, help support the healthy division of cells, which may prevent a cancer cell from activating. It is possible that some ingredients in this nutrition may even kill cancer cells once active. Dr. Mira Gadzala PhD. of Stemtech Health Science, Corp. is one such innovative researcher. Dr. Gadzala is a globally recognized expert in orthomolecular and holistic nutrition as well as cellular medicine. She is currently involved in formulating nutrition that supports healthy cellular division.

2. Protection against EMP radio radiation: Although many scientists are searching for solutions to this EMF problem there is only one physicist that stands out. Dr. Yury Kronn, Ph.D. and founder of Vital Force Technology. Dr, Kronn has a pattern that will protect the body from EMF radiation which he is able to infuse into a material object. This object is called the D-Fuze. When a person puts one of these objects on the back of their cell phones, it repels the harmful EMF radio waves away from the body and pushes positive Subtle Energy back into the body. It is interesting to note that Dr. Yury Kronn’s specific D-Fuze devise has been tested and certified by a FCC approved SAR government laboratory. This test has found the D-Fuze to be extremely effective.

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