Build Muscle Faster With Endomorph Body Type Sport Fitness Secrets

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If you a stocky, smooth muscled and round in shape; If you are carrying most of your fat in your face (especially your neck and shoulders) around your waist, hips and thighs; You are the classic endomorph. When you are trim and fit, you're easily mistaken for a mesomorph body type.

The tell-tale fat deposit under the chin and the prompts begin to show once you slack off from working out and dieting. Since this body type is very efficient at storing calories, they are far less efficient at losing fat. Their metabolic rate is naturally slower than others and makes it that much harder to see results when working out or dieting.

The classic endomorph will have a naturally high degree of body fat, around the midsection. They usually take the shape or pattern of a pear. Overweight endomorphs will have a hard time controlling their weight; (Think of Oprah Winfrey or John Goodman). There is a soft smooth look to endomorphs that

The proliferation of fast food restaurants and other convenience foods, make healthy living difficult for you and due to your natural tendency to skip meals when worried or busy, you're likely to gain weight from eating less!

Classic endomorphs are not always big fans of working out even though they might like to watch sports or play them in a video game. Because this body type is less likely to participate in sports activities, it is essential that they get daily exercise. Unlike the mesomorph or ectomorph who can get away with slacking off for a few days, endomorphs will easily find their bodies slowing down and succumbing to tiredness or fatigue after a few days off.

I belabor this point because although endomorphs tend to be very physically attractive at their optimal bodyweight, they will look and feel drastically different when they let their fat percentage go past 25-30 percent.

The Endomorph Workout

If you hate cardio, sign up right now for a burial plot. High intensity short duration cardio exercise will save your life. Perform cardio routines like jump rope, rebound, boxing, elliptical machine or cycling. Avoid swimming and high impact aerobics. You will love swimming because it's easy on your body and good for the heart but it will do little to help you lose fat. You'll hate high impact aerobics if you're already out of shape. It will leave you feeling tired initially and that alone can discourage most out of shape endomorphs.

Keep the cardio down to 20-30 minutes. The real secret to changing your metabolism will be capitalizing on your asset. Endomorphs build muscle as easily as mesomorphs do.

Muscle Building Workout

The fact is, that many endomorphs try dieting first and lose muscle mass instead of fat. The weight goes down but the metabolism gets slower. Once they switch their diet back to the old way, the fat stores get even bigger and the muscles are still soft. If you are getting back into shape, I recommend compound exercises for at least the first six weeks. The three best compound exercises for you overall body development as an endomorph are squats, deadlifts and chest press. Work with these three exercises for high reps 10-12 and low sets (1-3) to stimulate your muscles for strength training. You must choose a weight that allows you to finish your sets with a proper form yet challenge you to progressively increase the weight through the six week training.

Stick to a protein rich lower carb diet that completely removes processed flour, sugar and hydrogenated fats and oils. Take your carbs from fruits and vegetables and omit pasta or other processed starches for now. You goal is to feed your muscles for six weeks and get them burning fat for you 24/7.

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