Frequently Asked Questions – The Child Custody Visitation

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• Do all the ex-partners have the visitation right?

Normally, the ex-partner who does not have physical child custody has the legal visit right. However these rights can be denied if the evidence can be brought further providing that it is in the best interest of the child not for the ex-partner tenderness (examples: excessive drinking of alcohol, physical or verbal abusiveness). Timing and number of visits is given in the final agreement.

• What should I do if my child does not want to see me?

This is a very difficult situation, especially if the child is very young. In all fairness, I hope the custodial parent is not manipulating the child. It depends on the child's choice to see the alienated parent. This is not happening very often, so to combat this situation can be a real uphill battle.

• Can we change a visitation schedule?

Visitation is often defined as a testing procedure. Each ex-partner does not know what the future will insure as far as their parent and child relationship will grow. In general, the visitation schedules can be changed and there is no need to use the court, but it must have the court make a decision if an ex-partner is being displaced of visitation rights.

• How do I make the most of the time with my child?

Make sure to explain and answer questions to the child as much as possible. The most of alienated parent will try to compensate or spend money on the child in weekend. This is probably the best attitude to have, but should not involve it with irresistible acting because children grow up they began to misunderstand the power of money and used it to manipulate people.

• How can I develop a relationship from a distance?

Usefully, a phone call at the appropriate time is sufficient for developing a relationship. Most high schools and colleges allow their students to correspond to the private email or cell phone usage in school but your calling does not interrupt the school hours.

• What can I tell my child again?

During a separation, it can really hurt relationship with your ex-partner. Sometimes the rebuilding process with your child can be prolonged. Do not expect it will happen overnight, and effort to make things that will conduct you closer. Try communicating with your child brings a friend on an adventure along the weekend; This can help the child more comfortable.

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