How to Reduce Phlegm and Excess Mucus

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Did you just get over a nasty cold or flu yet still have or feel too much mucus you can’t get rid of? Most of us think that mucus is a horrible slime but the truth is we need it in our bodies. In fact it is a lubricator for our sinus cavities, our guts and our lungs. It is our protector. Mucus contains antibodies when our bodies are challenged with a virus or bacteria or something we have an allergy too. That gue is a way our body is keeping us healthy. Without it we wouldn’t function properly. It is when our bodies go into overdrive that there is a problem

Most of us know that dairy is a big mucus producer, however did you know that eating eggs, meat, sugar, wheat, processed foods and certain beverages, grains and nuts can also produce too much mucus?

It is important to evaluate your food intake, its sources, and volume your taking in to understand this more. When you begin to eliminate or reduce these foods and add in other foods you can experience results.

Too much chicken, eggs, and meats produce too much acid in the body, let alone if they are not organic, these foods will produce even more mucus. Likewise too much grains can also be problematic. In addition wheat, sugar, certain beverages like coffee can also produce too much mucus. When eating these types of foods choosing organic is best! It is vital to your health!

When choosing proteins aim for plant based proteins like beans, broccoli, cucumbers, spinach, and much more. It is important to choose healthy plant based proteins to actually produce good oxygen and circulation in your body and a healthy mucus content.

There are also a variety of lean and grass-fed meats if chosen that are much healthier for you as white fish and healthy forms of soy to give you vitality. After all you don’t want to eat something that has been fed with hormones or something that has been fed GMO diet plans. This can be crucial to your health.

Likewise too much grains can also be problematic. My advice is to stay with gluten free grains such as quinoa and millet. Other grains can produce too much mucus as they may have gluten. In addition many of us have too much of a fiesta with grains even healthy ones that if not properly burned will turn into sugar. It is important to eat well balanced and not too much of one thing to avoid allergy and overdrive in your body. It is also very important to exercise!

Sugar holds no nutritional content at all. It taste good and even smells good! Walking into a candy store or buying fresh baked and yeasty out of the oven breads, pies and cookies or dreaming of dancing sugar plums over our heads are fun and addicting, however this can also be a contributing factor why your body is producing too much mucus.

Processed foods and too much wheat products can also cause inflammation. Too much oily nuts such as peanuts and even natural peanut butter can throw off your natural bodies mucus production. It is better to eat roasted nuts in its whole form. If not buying roasted always soak your nuts first before roasting them.

Sugary beverages, too much coffee or even herbal tea containing too much caffeine will also aid in production of acid throwing off too your natural PH balance. Likewise too much salt can actually upset your natural stomach mucus lining causing things to disarray.

The good thing is by carefully reviewing your diet and what you are eating you will be able to decrease your bodies mucus overdrive. By eliminating and reducing some of the foods above, adding in exercise, getting good rest, decreasing stress your body will regain balance again and remember mucus is a good thing just not too much of it!

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