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I am about to spill the beans to let you all know the real truths behind article marketing.
How effective article marketing is – if at all?

And the do's and don'ts of article marketing.
A general definition of article marketing would be where you create an article on a topic that is related to your website, and publish that article.
The article is not about promoting your website as such – hard to understand maybe, but you are trying to capture the reader!

Always remember to use effective keywords and phrases that relate to your topic.

In the author bio section you will need to put in a brief description about yourself along with a link back to your website, whether it be the home page or some other page on your site.

The whole idea here is for your article to get seen online and for other webmasters to republish your article on other sites – then giving rise to links and traffic.
OK – so let's go through the facts and the myths of article writing –

Nonsense : writing an article does not really do much for your online business.

A Fact: article marketing can help you increase your link popularity and can be a great source of some of the most targeted traffic you can get.

Nonsense : rehashed or reprinted articles will only get indexed as extra or add on pages and therefore this way of doing things does not really help at all.

A Fact : this is incorrect as depending on exactly where the article gets submitted to, is what matters. The article can get listed in the top 10 and not as a supplementary page.

Nonsense : Pushing out your article all over the internet creates duplicate content and you will be punished by the search engines.

A Fact: If search engines punished you and duplicate content was a big no – than all RSS feeds would cause sheer mayhem. Just take a look at the New York Times for example and see how many people link up via RSS feed or attach an article to their blog!

Nonsense : The only way to get article writing to work for you is to write an article and to send it to hundreds of article websites.

A Fact : There is more than one way to skin a cat! If you are looking for loads of links to your site than fair enough – use the way just mentioned.

However another way is to ask bespoke article websites or directories to accept your article – they will take it, so long as it is relevant and is a niche article. This is probably harder work but the results can be a lot more rewarding. And you will land up getting better and more targeted traffic.

And let's not also forget that posting your article on your own website is also a great way to add fresh content and if the article is well written than people will link directly to the article so increasing both the traffic to your site and the PR of your site.

Nonsense : Always make sure that you post your article to your website site, wait for the spiders to crawl your site, wait for the page to be indexed, and then submit the article elsewhere.

A Fact: When you add an article to your website it is called adding content, however when you submit articles to other sites, it is called article marketing, and with article marketing .

Confused about what I just said?

Well just remember – do not confuse adding content with article marketing as they are two separate exercises.

By submitting articles to other sites and by the search engines finding these articles will help you and your website.

If the websites that you have submitted your article to are getting indexed well, you will stand a good chance of getting seen and high up in the rankings.

Hopefully you will now have a better understanding as to how exactly article marketing works and what is required for effective article marketing.

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