Debt and the Single Parent in These Tough Economic Times

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If you are a single parent in these tough economic times, the financial climate can be a little stressful. Finding ways to solve your financial problems due to immediate needs is not easy to solve due to all the competition in the workplace. The type of jobs that a single parent would take on a part time basis to get through are becoming more and more scarce due to job competition from others seeking employment. Keeping up with the bills is harder if you also have late payments which can add additional costs that were not there before.

It is harder to pay for the immediate needs of children if there are insufficient funds due to today's economic climate. Pooling resources with other single parents is one way that can be helpful. Babysitting services can be shared if one is working and the other is at home. This will help in the long run if there can be a shared sense of responsibility that can be worked out between the two single parents. I have two friends now who do this on a regular basis. A sense of financial stability is vital for children to grow up with a sense of security.

Sometimes, two single parents get together and find a real bond between each other and end up getting married. I have a friend that I went to school with that met a lady with a little girl. They worked together and shared responsibility and decided to get married because they had so much in common. They are still married today. This is one of those great stories that you never hear about because of all the negative feedback we are all receiving from the news media.

Debt management is tough when you are a single parent. Credit cards have made it so easy to get deep in debt and now we are all paying for this mistake. I blame the Credit Card Companies for all their advertising to encourage people to spend non-existent money. Remember that Credit Card commercial that everyone was charging their purchase in the line and one person was using cash and the music changed .. The Credit Card companies commercial claimed that using their card was fast and smart but using cash was slow and stupid. Do you see an example of those commercials today, the answer is no because the Credit Card companies are losing money due to defaults of creditors. Remember Cash is King and will always be.

In conclusion, the first step on the road to financial stability for a single parent is debt management. Working together with other single parents can help get you through times like this and give your children a sense of financial security. Occidentally, two single parents really hit it off, get married and have a fairy tale ending. So there is light at the end of the tunnel for some of us. Debt management takes prudence and discipline for success to help end the quandary of debt mismanagement. Last of all, Cash is King and will always be.

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