The Latest Fitness Craze – Reviewed

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I’ve reviewed several fitness fads, and I will be reviewing some more here. I’ll be explaining what they are and how beneficial they may be. Maybe you want to try a new workout routine today!

Piloxing – I haven’t tried this one, but, it looks like fun! Of course, I love anything with boxing in it! So, this newest workout routine is a cross between pilates and boxing. This concept was invented by Viveca Jensen, and I think it’s genius! It gives you an all over body workout, or a core workout. You know me! I’m all about the core workouts! And this really is mostly core during this workout, adding in cardio, strength, stretching, and an all over body workout. This workout routine really has it all!

Aerojump – Boxers use jumping rope in their workout routines, and know how important it is for agility, quick movements, and their cardio training. A boxer has to go for three minutes in the ring, and it’s all or nothing! Those three minutes are absolutely exhausting, and they know they have to be toned for it! So, aerojump was invented by a boxer, of course! Michael Olajide’ Jr invented this jump rope routine that tones all the muscles in the body as well as provides excellent cardio. The claim is that you can burn 450 calories in just 10 minutes with this routine! Awesome! It’s extremely high intensity, and looks to be a lot of fun. I haven’t tried this one either.

Tae Bo – I have done Tae Bo, and lot’s of it! It’s an older one, but, I don’t think it’s gone out of style yet. This is a fantastic all over body workout! It targets the core as well as increases strength, stamina, speed, and power. Besides, it’s a lot of fun. I love boxing, and though in Tae Bo, you don’t actually hit any bags, it’s still a lot of fun and a great fast paced workout. It will get you in shape very quickly. It’s a combination of Tae Kwondo and boxing put to fun, fast paced music. The class lasts an hour, and it is a high intensity workout. It’s designed for both men and women.

So, I hope this gave you an idea on many of the new classes and some of the old ones that are still out there! Give them all a try, and start moving today!

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