Menopause the Musical – Our Guide

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Times have changed considerably. Twenty or thirty years ago the menopause was a tabu subject and women did not have all this access to information so they can know what to prepare for. Now there are many sites, publications and non profit organizations that focus on women's health in general and the menopause in particular.

In fact, there is a musical play in theaters that throws a comic eye on the situation at hand.

Menopause the Musical is a play that debuted in 2001 in Orlando. The play is centered about four women at menopause that is discussing the symptoms while doing lingerie shopping at a large mall. All the main topics related to menopause symptoms are taken into sight, including the loss of sexual drive, the loss of short term memory, the night sweats and the chocolate craving.

The play Menopause the Musical is fairly comic and fun to watch, as nowdays is performed in theaters across the world. Among the locations worldwide that this play has been played, one can mention Canada, Australia, Italy, Israel, the UK, South Africa and even South Korea. In fact, the show's producers brag that more than 10 million people all over the world has seen Menopause the Musical.

Menopause the Musical was granted many favorable reviews from specialized media (Chicago Critic, for example, recommends it as a play that will make you laugh so hard, that you'll cry).

The lyrics are well chosen for Menopause the Musical to fit perfectly with the play's overall humorous atmosphere. The play has been adapted from the same book written by Jeanie Linders, the same person who has worked to put it to the scene, also writing all the acclaimed lyrics. As you will watch the play, you may notice that the lyrics in Menopause the Musical parody popular music from the baby boomer era (such as "Stayin 'Awake" and "Puff, My God I'm Draggin').

The play's web site offers a lot of detailed information about the cast of the play in the next location it will be played and it will also offer you many related products in the on-line shop. A part of the income from the tickets sold go to medical, non-profit foundations that are interested in making all the symptoms related to menopause accessible for women worldwide, to help them better cope with this difficult period of their lives.

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