Successful Marketing to Christians

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Are you aware of the major impact Christian consumers have in today's marketplace. Target Market News research shows Christians own more homes, purchase more cars and have more access to the internet than other segments of the general population. This growing market is an often overlooked consumer group that purchases just about every good and service you can imagine.

A large percentage of consumers, teenagers, babyboomers, and African Americans, consider themselves Christians. They cut across just about every demographic segment of the population.

Targeting this market off-line and online is not as difficult as you may think. I'll give you some pointers for reaching them.

First, let me share this story with you.

Ford Goes After the Christian Market

Bishop TD Jakes, pastor of a Dallas mega-church with about 30,000 members, hosted a conference that was co-sponsored by Ford Motor Company. They were allowed to hold seminars and display products during the event, which drew 200,000 attendees.

Can you see the benefit of having a captive audience to show your products to and hear how wonderful their lives will be once they buy it?

This type of marketing encourages sales and it can establish you as an authority for your specific niche.

10 Tips to Reach Christian Consumers

Identify and analysis your target market.

Develop goals for targeting individual segments of this group.

Research the market potential for your product.

Evaluate the performance of your marketing strategies.

Emphasis the product attributes that provide wants satisfaction.

Adapt your product promotions to take advantage of the power of social media.

"Look for opportunities to partner with organizations that are familiar to the Christian market."

Make it easy to do business with you.

Use multiple ways to offer your business or service.

Develop a marketing calendar.

One last story,

Effective Use of Social Media

Stormhoek, a South African winery, social media strategy began by focusing primarily on blogging. It's first campaign started by giving away wine to bloggers. Many of the bloggers, although they were not obliged to, wrote positive reviews about the wine and by the end of the year, wine sales had doubled. The following year they expanded the wine giveaways to geeks, one of their target groups. Since that time, sales have climbed over 500 percent.

Who would not like those kind of results!

Entrepreneurs looking for a competitive edge understand that marketing to this $ 4 to $ 6 billion market niche does not just make good sense it's good business sense. Getting your company geared up to reach this group should be high on every business's radar.

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