How to Induce Labor Naturally

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So your little one that you have waited patiently for 40 weeks to come is now late. Although you can not admit your labor medically, there are ways to naturally induce your pregnancy and get your little one out into the world for you to see and hold. Some of those methods are:

1. Walking – Take a brisk walk and see if that movement helps your little one along.
2. Sex – Although you may not feel like it, sex can release a lot of hormones that stimulate labor.
3. Evening Primrose Oil – Many experts believe that the use of natural herbs, such as evening primrose oil can help dilate the cervix.
4. Castor Oil – A shot of this laxative can stimulate the bowels, which in turn can bring on contractions.
5. Spicy Food – Spicy food can also stimulate the bowels, but more sensibly, which in turn can also bring on contractions.
6. Acupuncture and Acupressure – These methods of placing pressure on particular points of the body is thought to stimulate the baby and help labor along naturally.
7. Massage – By relaxing your body and mind, you may help induce labor naturally as well. More often than not, stress can reduce the chances of your body going into labor.

No matter which method you try to use for natural induction, be sure to check with your physician before trying any natural remedies. You want to ensure that your physician gives you the green light and that you are not stimulating labor before your baby is actually ready to come out.

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