The Ever Evolving World of Television Technology

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Television has evolved a long way since they were introduced to public. Decades ago, television sets managed to captivate the hearts of people by offering something more amazing and inspiring than radio. The ability to display animation, live moving images from early cartoons to people displayed inside a small box. Television sets eventually became a home staple, adopting the nickname the TV.

While early television sets displayed images in black and white, the concept of the television set soon grew and evolved. Not only did color television took over the world of home entertainment, but new add-ons emerged pioneered by VHS systems, early video game consoles and one of the more recent but aging technologies the DVD player.

Color television sets themselves shown and continue to suffer constant change. As technology changes and advances continued color television sets evolved from the old round screen to the more recent flat screen TV sets. Screens changed from round to flat but new screen display technologies surfaced including CRT, LCD and Plasma.

Enter Digital television and the HDTV revolution

As home entertainment technology continued to evolve along came digital television; the ability to broadcast and receive television signals based on numbers rather than frequency waves. And with Digital television appeared HDTV. HDTV stands for high definition television sitting on top of the current home television quality scale. These gadgets have the ability to display breath taking high resolution images otherwise impossible to be displayed in older analog and current standard definition digital television sets known as SDTVs.

These television sets have more than just the ability to display superior image quality, they feature the wide screen aspect ratio of theaters. Image is just one of the features that is appealing about HDTVs, sound quality is also impressive since most of them are 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound ready further enhancing the experience by offering the option of creating a real surround sound audio space provided that 5.1 Dolby Digital set of speakers are used, properly tuned and placed.

One problem with HDTVs is the fact that in order to watch high definition television you need high definition sources that can include a HD DVD or Blu-Ray player for movies or an HDTV ready tuner or converter for broadcast. Which increases the cost of having a complete High Definition home system even more expensive.

As HDTVs continue to revolutionize digital television, the technical aspects relating to high definition television continue to confuse consumers as this technology develops more and more.

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