Wash And Fold Service Will Save You Time

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If you're looking to add more time into your day, you should consider trying a wash and fold service from a local laundromat. Many services will follow special instructions, and some even offer dry cleaning services as well. Finding a place near either your home or work should be fairly easy, but finding one that picks up and delivers is the ultimate in convenience and time savings.

Those of us who have ever shrunk a favorite sweater in the dryer, or mixed a red shirt in with whites, leaving everything looking pink, knows the importance of following the special instructions on certain items of clothing. While not every wash and dry service will follow special instructions, the better one will if you follow their process for informing them of your special needs.

This should be clearly spelled out on their web site or on a sign at their shop, but if you are not certain, be sure to ask. The sweater you save may be your own. You should also ask if they offer dry cleaning or other services, as this can save you a trip to another establishment if they do. And, of course, always ask when your clothes will be ready, so you do not waste a trip going back before they're done.

Finding someone offering wash and fold services in most places is as simple as searching on your favorite search engine. If searching for just "wash and fold" does not bring up local establishments, try adding the name of your town or other geographical modifiers, such as near a specific local landmark. Doing this can help to narrow down your search to find businesses local to you.

However, if you really want to save yourself the maximum amount of time and effort when it comes to laundry, find a place that will pick up your laundry and drop it back off for you when it's done. Often times this service is provided for free, or the cost is built into the price listed. Even if it is not, consider what your time, and sanity is worth. This is especially true if you have young children who you would otherwise have to drag to the laundromat and tend to while trying to wash the clothes.

Almost everyone could use at least a little bit more time each day. Since we all get just the same 24 hours, it becomes important to find ways to make the most of the time you have. Finding time-saving conveniences is one of the best, and using a wash and fold laundry service, especially when combined with delivery service, is a time saver you can almost not afford to be without.

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