The Perfect Time to Work on Shooting in Girls Basketball

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During my sophomore year in college at the University of Memphis, I had one of my best games of my basketball career. I scored 17 points against St. John's University in New York at their Christmas tournament. I was 5 for 6 from the 3 point line. It was incredible. We won the tournament and I was named to the All-Tournament team. During this time of the season, my minutes per game were increasing. I even got a starting position because of my improving performances. Now what was I doing at this time that I was not doing during the beginning of the season.

I was working extra on my shooting.

This was the time of year when we were on our holiday break from school. This meant that no classes were in session and basically all you had on your schedule was basketball practice. So I found myself going to the gym early before practice. I asked our manager to meet me at the gym and be my rebounder while I shot the basketball. And believe me it worked. As I stated earlier, I hit 5 out of 6 3s in a single game.

So when exactly is the perfect time to work on your shooting. Is it during your holiday break from school? Is it before your practice? Is it after practice? Is it during the preseason, postseason or during the season?

All of those times are the perfect time. Anytime you put in extra time to work on your shooting is the perfect time.

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