What Has Gotten Into the Detroit Lions?

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The Detroit Lions, like many other NFL teams, have been around for quite some time. However, no other team has given fans such an embarrassing season as the Lions did in 2008. Their 2008 season was, by far, the worst the NFL has seen in their own history, yet, Lions fans are loyal and are still standing by their team.

There is no doubt that the struggling economy is affecting Detroit, the auto capital of the world. However, Lions fans are not affected. They have every intention of standing by their team regardless of how hard their city has been hit.

Thousands of fans have already made plans to purchase season tickets for the 2009 season, ignoring the embarrassment of last season. Detroit Lions fans are nothing short of loyal, and will do whatever it takes to bring their city back to fame. This is the year for the team to, not only get their name back, but to make a stand for the city of Detroit.

Back in 1929, the Detroit Lions were known as the Spartans and their hometown was in Portsmouth, Ohio. The team enjoyed being an independent team, like many other teams in the area, until the depression hit so hard that they could not continue to play without joining the NFL. It was not until four years after the Lions had joined the NFL that they were sold and moved to Detroit – in 1934.

Before the embarrassing 2008 season, the Lions had made it to the playoffs thirteen times. Four of these years, they came out with NFL Championship titles. They may not be the most accomplished team, in the NFL, but they have always played a good game – until last year that is.

The 2008 season brought a number of losses to the team, as they were unable to win any of their regular games. Their fans; however, are loyal and sturdy by them regardless of loss after loss. The Lions did manage to end the season with a record of 0-wins and 16-losses, something that had never been accomplished by any other team in the league. This horrific ending left everyone saying that the 2009 season had to be better; after all, it could not get any worse.

Even with the number of NFL Championship titles and playoff games, the team has yet to make it to a Super Bowl game. After their disappointment last year, the team is filled with a new drive that just might be what pushes them there in 2009. Their passion, along with their fans loyalty, could very well give NFL enthusiasts the surprise of a lifetime.

The team has many new names and faces beginning to pop up around the team as drafts and trades begin to take place. The new roster should prove to hold some surprises for fans. The excitation of a new team, combined with their newfound passion, is filling the air with anticipation; such anticipation that season tickets will go faster than they ever have before.

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