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Asian weddings, particularly Indian ones, are never complete without the groom riding on a traditional white wedding horse and carriage before arriving at the bride's place on the D-day. This custom is as old as the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. And not even the modern thinking and inconvenience of an alien land has managed to obliterate this rich custom from the lives of traditional Indian and Asian people.

On the contradiction, many Westerners have lapped up the idea of ​​riding white wedding horse and carriage to emulate the lavish Indian-style wedding, and indeed why not? After all, it's one of those special days of your life, which needs to be celebrated in the grandest manner possible while being affordable. You owe it to yourself as well as your bride-to-be!

You also have lots of options to choose from to make your day a memorable one. There's, of course, a white wedding horse with carriage to take you and your bride to the reception, a splendid white horse to carry the groom to his bride, the exquisitely decorated umbrella, dancers and magnificent drummers to follow in the procession. However, you may also opt for only the white wedding horse with or without an Umbrella.

The beautiful highly trained traditional white Indian wedding horse will transport your Indian bridegroom to his Indian wedding location in style – A wonderfully glorious embellishment to your special "Big Day."

Arriving on horse-back on a Shinning White Horse with a splendid Umbrella decked up in the most traditional manner in order to lend that special flavor to your marriage procession is a must have!

Traditionally, the white wedding horse is decorated in traditional Indian wedding style with red and gold embroidered cloth to complement your turban, achkan, jootis and churidar. There is no set rule regarding the decoration of the carriage. You can experiment and make it as impressive as you like. Ideally, the decorative style of the Umbrella is akin to that of the white wedding horse. But here too, you can show your inventiveness and make the look as royal as you can.

Selecting music for your Asian wedding is something you do not want to put off until the last minute. A successful wedding is celebrating your special day together. Book the drums and drummers and the Bhangra dancers, or The Bollywood Brass Band, so that you arrive in traditional splendor and appropriate sound at the Indian Wedding Venue, a unique feature that will be the talk of the town and something your guests will talk about for years to come.

The desire to have an Asian or Indian wedding-style in Europe is made real by local wedding horses' suppliers. The horse should not only look clean and elegant, but also be in a calm manner! A good supplier will also ensure that you should find yourself able to ride a horse, you are given special training to ride and help boost your self-confidence. A good supplier will also offer supplementary services, like traditional Dhol Drummers, and Bhangra Dancers. In effect, you should be looking for a complete package that goes into making dream Asian wedding a reality at affordable costs.

The style and splendor afforded to your wedding by a white wedding horse and carriage is truly unparallel. Just imagine the scenario – you'll be completing a small distance to the venue of your marriage on a royal horse-driven carriage, and thousands of onlookers will be part of your wedding, albeit unconsciously. This is the beauty of the entire concept of driving a wedding horse to the marriage venue, ie, to arrive with pomp, style and gaiety.

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