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Women's AB Studio Ruffle-Trim Sleeveless Swing Dress
This women's swing dress from AB Studio adds undeniable beauty to your wardrobe.

Are you among the millions of women desperate to find that perfect pair of designer jeans? Do you tire of rummaging through pair after pair trying to find one that fits all of your needs, to include your particular large (or small) derriere? Are you plagued with an unnatural leg length? Do your hips make it hard to find jeans that fit at the waist? Or maybe your hips are the least of your concern. Perhaps your hurdle has more to do with your less-than-toned waist.

Thankfully, America is long past the days of high waists and tapered legs. Nowadays, jeans come in an assortment of cuts. Straight leg, boot cut, flare, flare plus, super flare, it can be hard to know which fit is the best for you. Assuming you somehow figure that part out, you still need to decide if you want low-waist, ultra low-waist or just below the waist. With so many options for jeans who has the time to spend hours pouring over different styles?

There is a website committed to pairing women around the globe with their perfect jeans. The people there are familiar with all of the quirky nuances that make women's bodies so unique. They know all too well the frustrations that women have been subjected to for years.

The amazing process begins with one simple request: tell them about yourself. They will not only ask you the obvious body style questions, they also ask you how you WANT to look in your jeans. Whether you are looking for tummy control or a bottom booster, they can find whatever you need. With questions like "How do your jeans typically fit at the waist?" to "You would describe your thighs as?"

This site works with hundreds of brands, from designer jeans like 7 for all Mankind to more mainstream jeans like Levis and American Eagle. Rarely will a search result in fewer than twenty suggestions to suit your needs. This is one of the more useful clothing resources out there. Visit the website and meet the jeans of your dreams.

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